We must be honest with ourselves.

How many of us tell ourselves how “badly” we want to do something.. like get into shape.. but our actions don’t match?

Then… we act confused as to how we arrived at the place we currently reside.. tired, fatigued, overweight, decreased muscle tone, and not motivated..

Or, maybe you get your workout in but are just going through the motions of it.. same result.. you are left feeling unfulfilled, frustrated that you didn’t give it 100%, and once again your body is not responding to the weak stimulus you are giving it..

We can not trick ourselves. We know deep down when we give it our all or when we are lying to ourselves and covering our own tracks with the “I didn’t sleep that well last night line.. or the I did what I could.. I was low on time today” excuses…

I find that we all need to “engage” at another level..

We need to set our goals and targets.. mentally and visually.. and then go for it..

I am as guilty as the next guy at times when I leave things to circumstance and guess work..

Once I have a plan in place, with clear visions of the outcomes I desire.. then my WHY is in place and boom: RESULTS.

Whatever you do in life must have a result. A calculated result. A planned result. Then, being consistent and fully committed with your daily actions will get you where you want to go..

How many of us have not really achieved anything in a while?

When was the last time you received an AWARD like your early days in school where you would get a STAR on your paper for doing great work?

I miss those days..

This time of year with the MLB Playoffs going on reminds me of 2009 when we won the World Series. The best baseball team in the World. We were true winners; overcoming adversity, deficit, and each other at times..

The commitment we all had to each other, a unified front, and a very clear Mission and WHY (TO WIN IT ALL!) is what drove each persons behavior..

How can you start winning again for yourself?

Can you clearly define some goals you want to achieve?

By When?

Are you serious about getting your health to the next level or are you going to wait until the doctor tells you that it is a problem?

Today we are in Early October.. what are you going to commit to from now until December 31st?

Forget the NEW YEARS Resolution (many of us already have).. and lets commit to an END OF THE YEAR RESOLUTION…

I am committed to my HS Weight of 197, more vitality, decreased stress, and a more singular focus.. How about you?


Originally published at danacavalea.com.

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