Healing through our Choices

Raw and Real — “We are born knowing” — Caroline Myss

Spiritual Leader — Caroline Myss

I am super grateful for connecting with my life long cross country buddy Jeannette Stojcevski yesterday. (Shout out to the greatest cross country coaches in the world, my dad Panagiotis Epthimois Chonacas and Mr. Paul Holmberg) Jeannette gracefully turned me onto the TED Talk Choices that can Change your Life by Caroline Myss

Myss is an educator in the Art’s of Healing. Myss is super witty and eloquently speaks about integrity, wisdom, suffering, fears, blaming, regrets, etc. Myss really covers it all; I recommend for every human being to watch & hear this beautiful message right away & share with every human you know!

Myss continues on and speaks about the power of language; how to explore the English Dictionary and why it’s so important. Myss also explains how our words are so toxic, not only to others but to ourselves and how our soul bodies know….it knows. Side note, this area of wordsmith filled my heart up so much and reminded me of last year this time while I was in London studying Shakespeare at LAMDA. Our Shakespearean instructor emphasized the importance of language, WORDS, how we speak, how powerful our words really are and that in today’s world, how we just mumble & throw away our precious words.

Liars don’t heal…. Liars DON’T heal….. Caroline Myss

Beautiful Myss goes on to say, let’s take some moments, get in gratitude & send messages to self how blessed WE ALL ARE to be living & having this now life experience.

Click the video below :)

visit her website & your local library to read some of her books!

Satnam & Love,

Kyriaki Chonacas

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