Help! My Phone Is Making Me Fat!

The unbiased story of my unhealthy world.

Don’t tell me you’re reading this from your phone…

There’s a problem happening all around us and it’s called obesity.

It sneaks in at undisclosed times and creeps up on our children, our family, and our personal lives.

We have so many different technologies made available to us, the phone being the majority culprit, we’re forgetting to create a healthy lifestyle for ourselves.

This is your wake up call.

What’s Your Problem?

Don’t have one you say?

Look down. Look in your pocket. Look in your hand.

I guarantee somewhere within 5 feet of where you’re at right now, your phone patiently awaits.

Your mobile device is causing you to have serious health problems!

But let me digress for a second.

I remember it like it was yesterday…

The year was 1988, I was ten years old and three miles from home playing in the mountains with my friends.

I grew up in a coal mining community, way back in the mountains of Virginia, so wearing shoes was optional — one of which I opted out of a lot.

I biked everywhere I went. Seeing as how the nearest neighbor was over the hill, across the creek, and down the tracks, riding my bike was the only option.

I never had a problem with getting too lazy or too fat back then. Geez, if anything, I was malnourished because I wasn’t eating enough calories to combat all of the exercise I was getting.

The only problem I had when I was ten was not being able to hear Mom when she shouted at me from the front porch.

No phone. No internet. No problem.

Until I got hooked…

Ok, It’s Not The Tech’s Fault…

More and more people are heading out the door of their 9–5 job and having a go at building their own business online.

Hey, more power to you is all I can say.

I made the same decision 7 years ago and haven’t turned back since. However, for my health, it wasn’t the best choice.

Our problem is this: we can’t be unconnected to our social media accounts, email, apps, games, etc., which take up most of our time throughout the day.

You make a conscious decision to spend time on your phone and not creating a more healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

The phone didn’t make us unhealthy, our decision to marry the phone made us unhealthy.

And guess what?…

It’s killing our children.

Instead of creating time in our day for our kids and family, we plop them in front of Netflix or some other form of technological entertainment to ‘keep them busy’ while we do what we need to do online.

No, it’s not the tech’s fault.

It’s our fault.

It’s MY fault.

But There’s A Way Out

You can’t change what you did yesterday, but you CAN change what you will do tomorrow.

I understand you have a busy lifestyle and everything seems connected to your phone and other devices.

But you can live without them for a bit.

My wife made a choice to lose weight and get in shape this summer, and she dragged me along with her — kicking and screaming the entire time.

Since then, she’s lost 19 lbs (looks great by the way), and almost 20 inches all around!

She didn’t use an app for that either.

I’m currently at my healthy weight and feeling better than I’ve ever felt before.

I decided to change after 5 days had passed and I was 6 pounds lighter.

You can decide to change too.

I know it’s going to be hard. Trust me, I’ve been there before. I couldn’t see myself not having my phone with me at all times, but I did it. If I did it, you should be able to do it to.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Set a schedule and understand when your working and when you’re not.
  2. Have a family meeting and share these work times with them as well. This way they understand you cannot play with them until a certain time, etc.
  3. Stick to the schedule.

If you set a schedule to be working from home from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., then you are allowed your phone and other devices. However, once 5 p.m. comes around, put them all down.

There’s a family growing behind your back while you feverishly type away at your desktop or your phone, and you’re missing it.

Don’t forget them, and…

Don’t forget YOU

Within your schedule you need to set up some time for exercise. Working from home, while it has a lot of glamor, won’t mean anything if you’re 400 lbs and can’t enjoy life anymore.

Take 30 minutes out of your day and go for a walk. Make it brisk. Either that, or do something which get’s your heart rate up for 30 minutes.

Start your day with a walk, the earlier the better!

Eat healthy too. I’m not saying you should go ‘monk’ on the food — if you crave a piece of pizza, eat the pizza for crying out loud, but only eat one piece!

Make sure you stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan every day. You will want to be around later to enjoy the fruits of your ‘work from home’ labor.

Marketers and entrepreneurs understand how to drive traffic to their site, how to sell to a perfect stranger, and all which comes with this, but the idea of a healthy lifestyle eludes them.

Don’t allow your health to escape. Get on a daily diet, something with a meal plan (here’s what I’m using) and stick with it.

I’ve tried a lot of diets and lifestyle changes but this one is truly amazing.

Find THAT in your life.

Remember He-Man?

He had the power.

The next time you pick up your phone you will know you already have the power to put it back down anytime you want to.

It doesn’t have control over you or your health anymore.

You need to make the change.

A lot of people are counting on you. :-)

All the best,


P.S. If you need a healthy lifestyle group, head over to the one we created on Facebook and we’ll keep you honest!