Here is Exactly Why Your Actions Matter (So Much)

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If you’re like me, then you have many dreams, desires and things that you want to bring into your life. My list is almost endless. I want world peace, ride in a sleigh pulled by wolves in the Arctic Circle (well, it already happened), climb the Mt. Everest (The Himalayas coming soon), or try weightlessness in orbit (well, let’s see).

Even though I intend to visit the Himalayas, there is an enormous gap between intent or make something happen.

When you act, it’s the true expression of an intention.

Before you take steps toward your desire, it’s just a thought or wish. Other words, we can speak about real intention AFTER we start to act upon it.

By acting, you reveal your intention.

First, you have to become the vibration of what you want so you can perceive it. And the way to become the vibration is through taking action. Do what you like or want, so you express the intention. Without taking action, all your desires are just a theory.

There have always been so many great and talented people full of ideas that have never been manifested. They’ve never become the energy of their dreams so the universe couldn’t line up in the form of synchronicity to give them results they’ve wanted.

The problem is never about having ideas but about taking action. This is the secret that distinguishes successful people from dreamers.

The formula is easy. Get inspired, vividly envision your dream, internally align with it and take action.

You reveal your intentions (for the universe) through the actions you take (or not). When you become the reality that you want then more and more ideas will follow.

In order to create synchronicity, you have to take an action first.

I guess that you all know when you want to get divorced, write a book or lose weight BUT it takes a long time before you act. No matter how long you wait it doesn’t bring you the result without an action.

It seems that everything conspired against you. Until, there comes a moment when you say that you’ve had enough and you’ll make it happen no matter what.

Suddenly, out of the blue, you meet a divorce lawyer, someone tells you about great publisher who’d be interested in your book and everything starts to move towards your dreams.

Except, it’s not dream anymore, now it’s really happening.

First, it’s you who has to be sure what you want so you can be supported. The universe only knows what you truly want by YOU taking the first steps.

It’s so easy to get stuck. You can have so many dreams that stay just a theory. If you don’t act on them. Waiting makes you doubt your capabilities, and you quickly feel powerless.

Start before you feel ready and the result will follow.

What you have right now is perfectly enough. So go and play. Trust me that you can ALWAYS reach out for more than you think. Over-analyzing every step will get you stuck thus preventing you from have the life you want.

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Originally published at on March 4, 2016.