Here’s what I did. And yes, it’s pretty stupid. I bought a new iPhone and Prada sunglasses because I thought I’d be a human rights lawyer, one day. I’m not. I’m a lawyer, yes. A human rights activist, yes. A little. Mostly I’m a yogi teacher turning volunteer, artist writer on my free days. But I’m not a human rights lawyer, yet.

I just made up this story because it’s easier to accept than truth.

Truth hurts.

Truth is, my iPhone is stolen and I cannot afford a new one.

And while I continue to look for my next job boy toy friend future fantasy I escape the very moment. This very moment. My reality.


I deny the present. Moment. The truth.

How long before I must accept what is, when it is, right?

It is right.

Reality is, I’m a volunteer. For an NGO. In Cusco, Peru.

I did not come for them, I came for me. I once was lost and now I’m found, I thought, for a minute. I cut my hair short so it all looked very different. For a minute.

But the thing is, I’m still myself. Not better than anyone else. I’m just me.