Here’s what my clients who make major sales believe about sales…

Recently over in my community, we talked ALL about the 9 things you need to believe about sales AND about yourself in order to implement a Sales Process that consistently brings in cash and clients!

Basically, helping you cultivate the right Sales Mindset™ at each stage of your Sales Process!

Because sales strategies are good to have, but they’re going to fall flat UNLESS you truly believe that selling is a good thing AND that you’re good at it!

Remember: people aren’t merely buying your service. They’re buying into an idea…a story…a dream…YOU. And you cannot sell ideas, stories, dreams, or yourself if you don’t also hold a mindset that whole-heartedly believes in these things!

So here goes…

1.) It is possible for selling to feel good, do good, and be good for everyone involved. (Bonus: It is also possible for you to LIKE selling.)

2.) You have something important to offer and you’re doing your niche/the world a disservice by not sharing it.

3.) Unless you’re selling things people need to survive (think — -> food, water, air), building relationships MATTER (like…big time), and are a non-negotiable part of your Sales Process.

4.) I am an expert in my field and bring tremendous value to the table.

5.) I am hands-down worth what I charge, and my time and talent are valuable (and life-changing).

6.) The other person expects me to show up as the leader of our sales conversation, AND is an empowered person capable of making the right decision for them.

7.) Sometimes, it’s not a “No”, it’s just a “Not right now”.

8.) Since sales is about the relationship, it’s safe (and smart) for me to follow-up.

9.) Happy and well-taken care of clients make the best sales team.

Which one of the above 9 is easy to believe? Or, which one feels harder to embrace and you know it’s keeping you stuck with sales?

And if you’re ready to shift your mindset around selling so you can make major sales too, check out my FREE quiz — Root Cause of Your Sales Fear.

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