Here’s where I went wrong

Here’s where I went wrong. From the start. I thought life would be this fairy tale. Picture perfect, crème brûlée. I moved to Paris, au pair, Erasmus, new hair. I bought dresses and drunk champagne. Picnic au bord de la mer, La Seine. I worked in law, photography, fashion. Still, I felt unfulfilled. I took photos for breakfast, went to diner at night. I worked long hours, law firm life. I quit my job. I taught yoga. I still teach yoga. It keeps me strong, centered, sane. I do my job. I work in trademarks, copyright, design. I’m still a lawyer. I live in my hometown. As it turns out, I did not need to move anywhere. Anymore. I just needed to stay. Where I was. For a firm amount of time. In order to make life work. In order to work make life. In order to live work make. A difference.

And so it is.

Thank you, y namaste.