Holiday Planning?

Micro-breaks are no less important than a week at the beach.

We should put emphasis on taking proper breaks daily and not think of relaxation and retreat as something we do occasionally.

The mindset of thinking; I’m tired, stressed and tense but it’s OK because I will be on a beach in a couple of months doesn’t wash anymore. We need to be thinking of daily wellbeing, our stress levels could overflow if we simply try to hold our breath.

No need to pack your bags, a micro break can last upwards of 5 minutes, and can potentially have the same benefits of releasing stressors and built up as your carefully planned annual holiday.

In my blog nowandafterwards I frequently mention and reference; an excellent, straightforward and empowering resource for individuals often used by cognitive behaviour therapist and other mental health professionals in therapy sessions.

Relaxing in you peaceful place without getting on a plane

The link below is a visualisation technique to help you relax anytime, or before going to sleep at night. It involves imagining an outdoor place where you can feel calm, peaceful and safe. Imagining sights, smells and sounds etc the guided meditation process gently concluding with you leave whenever you want to, just by opening your eyes and being aware of where you are now.

I am a mental health nurse with lived experience, and have a blog in which I enjoy writing about anxiety and anxiety management.

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