Honesty is too beautiful to ever put into words

But, here we go…

Image Source: Resolute Woman Tumblr http://resolutewoman.tumblr.com/post/163078858819

The purity of a smile that has struggled through tears is something remarkable that I still get mesmerized by every time I see it. Eyes that twinkle and radiate energy when people speak of ideas that they are passionate about — that’s real. A hug that just lingers a tad bit longer, letting you feel the caring warmth of the person is another gem in this mix.

I love it when you laugh so hard that I can see your crinkling wrinkles. The times when you open up about how you don’t know everything and you have flaws. The moment when you wake up, squinting your eyes, in a blur about space and time. Likewise, the unsuspecting morning yawn that interrupts you mid-sentence makes me smile a little. The tears that well up in your eyes, but never make it down in your hopes of being strong. The way your shoulders drop from your ears and you heave a sigh of relief with lips slightly apart when you are done for the day.

The strange but secure solidarity you feel when a complete stranger relates to you and smiles. The way that the hands of someone you love, nestled in your hands, vaporizes all your stress. The unique style of messy, unmade beds that are classically human. The weird feeling of how our imperfect faces look so good in that dim bathroom light in their just-washed state. The simmering happiness that spreads as a wide smile on your face when you reminisce wistfully about close friends and loved ones.

I feel some sort of subtle joy when I stop to savor these moments of honesty in a bustling life that engulfs a constant influx of information.

More often than not, honesty is gradually becoming a rarity in social spaces. May be that is why I am glad to be around a few people who are unapologetically raw in the way they carry themselves. The point of this is to acknowledge the small things that in fact add significant weight to the equation of our human condition. We ought to owe it to ourselves to enjoy these je ne sais quoi moments in life.

I am inspired by them to be myself. Be-You-tiful as they say.

Be your own kind of beautiful.