How a System-Thinking Approach Can Get You Fit, Effortlessly

Amir’s systems approach towards getting ripped is a must for all entrepreneurs

With the ever-changing and extremely complex lifestyle that entrepreneurs have these days, getting and staying fit has become more than just a summer body goal now. Not surprisingly, entrepreneurs are looked up to as the champions, the pinnacles of success in today’s modern world. And while more than half of the population is just turning heads towards being healthy and fit, many entrepreneurs are working hard to build great-looking, healthy bodies to accompany their business successes. As entrepreneurs, we lead by example and our bodies should be no exception. However, whether your goal is to just lose a few pounds or get completely ripped, any individual actions you take fail in comparison to the “system” in which you live and operate.

Motivation to make it easy

Transformation of the body into a desirable state can be quite challenging but also equally rewarding. As soon as we step into a new routine of healthy living, we either seek for a new, higher motivation or become one for others. Amir’s transition from being a ‘fat kid’ to becoming a coach who specializes in getting entrepreneurs ripped is what makes him motivating for any entrepreneur out there. It wasn’t an extraordinary story about how he got layers and pounds off of his body but his unique approach on how he did it will trigger your motivation and inspire you to action. During the war in Bosnia and lack of food, Amir ended up an emaciated 14 year old kid. After the war subsided and the food was abundantly available, he started eating and quickly gained over a 100 extra pounds. He became known as “the at kid”. After years of failed workout programs, following umpteen diet plans and “magic” supplements, he got nothing but more weight in the end. Amir then joined the pharmacy school and immersed himself in extensive research on weight loss studies, human physiology and anatomy. Amir used this knowledge and two years later built a perfect ‘beach body’ and engaged in competitive sports. Not only did he shred away his unhealthy lifestyle and excess weight but he also became a professional athlete, three-time national triathlon champion and Olympic Games candidate.

System you can’t deny

“I have regular genes and no special talents. It is the system I used that accomplished it all” says Amir. Indeed, it’s the concept of system’s thinking that he learned in business school that not only makes or breaks a business, but it also makes an individual sick or healthy. If you can create an intelligent, custom-made system or lifestyle for yourself, nobody can divert your way through success in life and business, as well in achieving your health goals. A firm belief in the system perspective is what led Amir to initiate his own fitness consulting company in the US in the year 2008. His idea was to formulate individual, custom-made “systems” for each of his clients. Amir’s business deals with paving the way for entrepreneurs and influencers to get ripped and build a physique that gives them confidence, freedom, and control over themselves and their environment. His company ‘, The Alpha Entrepreneur,’ specializes in providing cutting-edge training and nutrition plans to its clients by not just scribbling it like a mass-prescription to everyone but by taking one’s schedule, weaknesses, strengths, daily needs and preferences into consideration and making a personalized system for them. Consistency always wins yet that’s exactly what most people fail at doing. Even after having a defined goal and methods to achieve it, we at times slip through the routine and get away with excuses. Amir deeply assesses his client’s individual lifestyle needs and utilizes world-class coaching strategies to drive commitment and guarantee desired outcomes.

There are no shortcuts to the top

Nothing worth achieving comes easy, and consistency always wins over anything else. Whether it be building a great business or building a strong, fit and ripped body — you must plan ahead, use proven systems and prepare for the long game while avoiding shortcuts. ‘When it comes to entrepreneurs, they are usually in a rush to get things done. But one must never forget that success in anything is a long-term plan ’, says Amir. Amir’s vision is to create a world of healthy living where a generation is led and inspired by leaders/entrepreneurs who must be fit themselves in the first place. As entrepreneurs, we shape and shake the world, and lead by example. Thus, we should not forget that only health is true wealth and only when an entrepreneur is strong, healthy and confident can he/she bring out their best and make this world a better place.