How An Everyday Person Decided To Live The Richest Life Possible

Without Sacrificing HisHealth, Happiness, Sanity, Or Family!

Are you happy? Seriously. Do you wake up ready to go or do you spend your morning wallowing in bed wishing for the alarm to disappear.

Do you find yourself wondering what would happen if you just didn’t go in today?

Chances are if you are like most people you have. Mental health is a huge issue and most of us ignore it (the same way we ignore the creeping tightness of our belts).

I used to sit up and bed and groan. As a serial entrepreneur I juggled dozens of tasks everyday. I worked hard but never moved the needle forward.

I didn’t get it. Why was I so exhausted at the end of the day and never any further towards my goals? Then I realized my mistake. I wasn’t taking care of myself.

Do you ‘Treat Yo Self’?

Of course, you do.

Treat Yourself To Unlimited Optimism Through Science

Tom Haverford’s wisdom runs in your veins. You flex gold face masks and breathe pure oxygen straight from the oxygen bar between sips of your favorite cocktail.

You mastered the pleasure side of treating yourself. But have you mastered the professional side?

Do you Treat Yo Self professionally?

Why Fixing Isn’t Investing

I bet you can’t remember the last time you invested in yourself, or if you can it was probably reactive.

You finally tossed that old laptop on its last legs or replaced that frayed to hell charging cord that shocked you more than it worked.

What if I told you there was a proactive way to lead a rich life that led to you doubling, tripling, or 10Xing your income this year? Here’s how.

Rich Life Freelancing Investment Secrets

Do you know what your most valuable resource is?

It’s time.

Increase The Value Of Your Time

Your greatest rich life commodity is time. As you begin to run a full-time business you’ll find you have less of it.

This is why living a rich life (re-investing in your professional growth) is important.

As demand for your time grows you have less time for growth.

Sounds awesome, right? You’d be pumped to be so busy with clients that you didn’t have time to practice, study, or pitch leads.

Here’s the thing all those other bloggers won’t tell you (Because they don’t have the experience actually running a real business) this early success leads to swift failure.


As you scale and take on more clients you lose sight of your bigger goals and get comfortable. You reason with yourself that you don’t have time to learn new markets and acquire new skills. You quit growing.

‘I don’t need to,

You reason,

‘I’m so busy I’d lose money wasting time figuring out new stuff.’

Fast forward six months…Your skills are no longer relevant, clients are passing you over, and you are back to square one fighting for work.

This happens all the time. People lose sight of how to use their time and end up back where they started.

Time is your most precious resource. That’s why you need to learn to use it properly. The problem is getting help relevant to the level you are at.

That’s why I put together my suggestions on the different ways you can invest in yourself in 2018 to 2X, 3X, 10X your income this year, make the most of your time, and not waste money on courses or training that don’t move the needle.

How To 10X Your Growth Through Personal Investment

If you want to invest like you have a rich life then make choices that will help you get where you want to go.

*Is traveling a part of your rich life? Add up the cost for travel and position yourself to earn it!

*Are nice clothes and popular restaurants part of your rich life? Position your personal investments to get you there.

You have three options when rich life investing. You can:

1:Grow your skills
2:Make better use of your time
3:Increase your income

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I will cover each of them and share my rich life choices, experience, successes, and failures so you can best choose the direction that works for you.

Option 1:The Overlooked Rich Life Multiplier

Did you know there is a massive resource out there just waiting for you to take advantage of it? Chances are there is one in your very town. What am I talking about?

The library.

Your library is filled with books you can read to increase your skills, master habit creation, manage your business like an MBA, and more. And the best part? They are all free.

Here’s what I want you to do. Research the top five books in your field. If you are a copywriter you can read Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy. If you are a consultant you can pick up Alan Weiss’s books.

Email me if you want my suggestions for writers and copywriters. I’ll send them to you.

Order these books, get out a notebook, and get to reading! This option is great if you are just starting out or don’t have exposure to all the great authors whose works you can get for free.

Already scoured the library? Then you are ready for an online course.

Option 2:The Bigger Client, Sharper Skills, And Better Rates Option

Okay, you have devoured everything your library has to offer. You probably even went further and picked up a bunch of books off Amazon to (if not you should. $19 is a cheap price to get professional help).

You are ready to purchase your first online course. The problem is what do you choose? I can’t give you the right answer because what is right for you is not right for me and vice versa. What I can do is share my criteria I use for investing in online courses.

Jesse’s Online Course Criteria:

Part of living a rich life is being precise about what is a rich life to you.

This same curation applies to your rich life investments. When I look to purchase an online course it needs to have two things going for it:

1:It serves a direct need for my business or growth

Avoid online courses designed to sell you inspiration over methods. Those courses on how to make FB ads promising six-figure incomes, or cold email your way to a rock star life.

They don’t work.

If a course on FB ads was good enough you wouldn’t have to promise me a lifestyle because I’d be able to create it with the money I made off how good your advice is.

Ignore the hype and empty promises. Look for these things:

1: What the course actually teaches

I just bought a course to help me learn to pitch and manage revenue-sharing contracts.

I bought the course because it taught me everything from suggestions to the types of tracking software to use, legal contracts, and negotiation tactics.
 2:Make sure the creator is actually doing it full time

There are a lot of courses for freelancing right now that promote cold emailing.

The people selling them don’t have the success they claim. Don’t learn to freelance from someone who isn’t making $75K a year and has an automated system.

‘How can I know that?’


The one thing I look for is the person creating a brand or cult of personality around themselves or the course instead of promoting the quality of the course and the results it has gotten students.

I won’t share negative examples because the people in my field are still colleagues. Here are two positive examples of great courses.

Danny Marguiles Freelance To Win-

I bought this course 3 1/2 years ago because it fulfilled my first criteria.

Also note that you have the option to search and find the Upwork profiles of Danny’s students and see that they really are earning big money. This is huge. Danny helps people get results and can provide proof that is. That’s massive.

Joanna Wiebe’s Copyhackers Collection-

Joanna is one of the ‘Go-To’ resources in our field. Everything she does is gold star perfect.

Note: Sometimes the person is the brand. A great example of a course that has legitimate reviews from a teacher who has proven results is Dan Henry’s FB ads course. Dan’s personality isn’t branded, he is who he says he is. Another great positive example is Kimra Luna. Great reviews and the brand is an extension of her personality.

If the person has to put out a personality and sculpt how they are perceived, avoid them and their course.

2:The Course Teaches Language And Nuance Client’s Look For

Ensure your courses imparts nuance and language that gets clients to act.

This is important. Not only will you shortcut your growth you’ll also book more clients at better rates because knowing the language and nuance clients look for when pitching makes it easier to both communicate your new value and get your higher rate.

Note:I launched my first course last year The Freelancer Success Summit. I used the same criteria I have for buying courses to pick speakers. I only spoke with freelancers and business owners who were making 6-figures regularly, knew the market, and could share unique ideas.

Look for courses and summits that meet similar criteria.

Option 3:Working One On One To Multiply Your Growth

Read all the books and inhaled that last course you bought? You need coaching. Before you pull that trigger know this.

Coaching is more expensive than courses. The reason is simple:

*The results are dramatic
 *You get personalized help tailored to your needs
 *And it leads to faster growth.

How do you know if you need a coach?

If you have trouble learning traditionally and can afford one on one help it’s great. But I’d suggest hiring a coach when you are ready to go to the next level in your field and want help making the transition.

I’d avoid hiring a coach if you make less than $1K/month freelancing. If you are below that number there are plenty of other simple changes you can make to get to the next level.

I’d also look for coaches that have easier start options.

Note:I’m not saying look for a cheap option. What i’m saying is look for a small quick start option. This let’s you see if their style is right for you, see if your personalities mesh, and get some quick crunchy results.

I coach readers (2–3/month) and every single reader I have coached started working with me by buying my proposal coaching. For $100 and a half hour of our time they see what it was like to work with me, I get them quick and actionable advice on how to increase their results, and they can apply what I taught them quickly.

How To Take The First Step To Invest In Yourself

You are probably super pumped to go out and start investing in yourself. Before you do that take a minute and write down the following three things.

1:Decide What Your Next Step Is In Your Business

This might be raising your rates, learning a new skill, etc. Picking what you want to do next makes it easy to avoid cult of personality courses and coaches and drill down to exactly what you need.

2:Research All Available Resources

Don’t rip open your wallet to buy that new course just yet. Check out online training, books, and other resources first. You might not learn what you need to go to the next level right away but you’ll at least get an idea of the expectations this project will carry and see if it’s a fit right for you.

It’s better to spend 5-hours with a book, blogs, or Youtube tutorials and find out you don’t really care about ‘X’ rather than sink $1K into something.

3:Invest If It Makes Sense

Please don’t pay for something if you have debt.

There is no miracle course, coach, or training that will resolve student loan debt or skyrocket your income from zero to six-figures in a week.

Success takes time and if you are planning on paying for your investment with your success you plan on from taking the course you aren’t in the right place to take it.

I stole this idea from Ramit Sethi. He won’t take students with debt. I’ve adopted the same approach.

Tired Of Project Creep And Doing Free Work?

You are going to love next week’s article then! I cover a simple strategy I picked up from my good friend Natalie Mcguire to get client’s to pay for project creep before it starts!

Originally published at on January 17, 2018.