How are you?

Are you happy? Do you love your life? Is there something you wish were different, easier, or more fun?

When the world gets quiet at night and your brain keeps going, are you kind to yourself and excited to be you? Or do you find yourself in a cycle of self-criticism and self-abuse?

If you were able to forget everything you’ve been told about your health, how ‘healthy’ are you right now? Are you the healthiest you’ve ever been? If not, are you able to think of 1–3 easy changes you could probably make to feel great again?*

*Hint: changes in lifestyle, relationships, food, and exercise are often powerful; yet, changing your mind — or the way you think — is probably the most powerful step you can take.

Each day, most of us follow a set of instructions on how to behave, take care of our bodies, brush our teeth, take care of other self-hygiene habits, and move towards success and happiness in the world. Yet, these are someone else’s instructions. This is wisdom passed down from parents, teachers, mentors, and a whole bunch of other people who aren’t you.

You are the only ‘you’ in the whole world.

So, stop and think. How are you really doing?

Is your method working? Is your life strategy great for someone else and perhaps not you? Or do you find yourself default-smiling throughout each day?

Look in the mirror. Take a really good look; you’ll know if you’re looking at a healthy or unhealthy version of yourself. Then, make one change, or take one positive step towards the version of yourself you want to see in the mirror. Watch the light come back in your eyes as you gain hope, and feel self-love fill your heart.

You are literally one decision away from completely changing how you feel, and therefore changing your health and future. No matter how ‘great’ your life appears to be, you are the only true judge of how you’re doing. If you’re happy, that’s great. If you find you’ve been living someone else’s vision of a successful life, then today is a great and liberating day.

Today is a day to honor you, be you, and be here now.

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


Originally published at on July 5, 2017.

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