How Cell Phones Are Slowing Down Production In The Work Place

Many people today are inextricably tethered to their cellphones. It is never out of their sight or more than an arms length away. This can pose a problem on many jobs because people are so focused on what is going on with their phones they are too distracted to do their jobs properly. In many workplaces today, productivity is down because too many workers are busy fiddling with their phones instead of giving their work-related tasks the attention they deserves. The distraction being causes by workers’ cellphone is negatively impacting the creativity, accuracy, quality and quantity of the work that employees are doing.

In many workplaces the cellphone has gone from being a helpful tool to a constant distraction. As workers respond to every sound or flash of light from their phones, their work almost becomes secondary. In some workplaces workers’ fixation on their phones have become a workplace hazard. In many industries when workers do not give their jobs their full attention, they or their co-workers can get injured, products can be improperly made and endanger customers and overall productivity drops. Many studies blame cellphones for making workers overstimulated and unable to focus on even simple tasks for very long. One owner of a successful business in Tennessee has banned the use of cell phones in offices and the overall work completion has excelled 49% since this was done.

In some industries cellphones have had such a negative impact on productivity rules have been put in place limiting their use. In many instances rather than discussing ways to produce more and better products faster, employees are more interested in discussing the capabilities of their new phone and the apps that are installed on them. The focus on the cellphones has many workers so busy they do not even have time to communicate with their co-worker. This negatively impacts job satisfaction and as a result productivity suffers. To improve productivity employers may begin banning cellphones from the workplace.