How does one actually accomplish a dream?

Because not all those who wander are lost…!

There is always a lengthy list of conditions that are expected from us over the period of our existence. And so over the years we tend to form a shell without an individual desire, ambition, or identity except the one which has already been created and stored for us to exploit. Our entire life packed with building other’s blocks.

We live in a world where the cultural fabric of the society is ever so changing. From being who we are to who we are expected to be is indeed a tiresome journey with bouts of anger, happiness, frustration and many other confusing emotions. Until recently, when I laid hands on a certain book, Wanderings by Nihar Sharma, which changed my entire perspective towards life.

Sharing with you, tips from the bible that will make the harsh realities of how exactly it feels breaking up with others dream and instead accomplishing your own!

It’s a War Zone out there :

This is typically the first emotion that the brain churns out when ones takes the drastic step of being true to themselves. It’s a constant war with the inner sole with a prospect of a blackout now and then and at the same time there is also a dire need of empathy and sympathy. It is then, that one finds solace in something that provides comfort and distraction. That desire to break the age old barrier is always in a steady fix with the sense of succumbing and continuing in one’s comfort zone. But, the trick is to maintain one’s sanity by helping oneself to come out of that zone unscathed. The urge to look at the brighter side of life and see the glass as half- full and not half-empty does do wonders.

True Calling :

Wanderings, will persuade one to significantly identify their true calling rather than blindly chasing someone else’s dream. It will give wings to the inner feelings and tranquilize the preposterous self. Having, aesthetically captured the essence of a myriad of emotions that one goes through in their ordinary everyday life in order to get their dream a step closer is in itself an eye opening accomplishment.

Be You :

Yes, throughout the course of finding ones rightful path, there will be enough hurdles to make one change their course by altering themselves. But, one has to keep guiding and inspiring oneself to be realistic in a world, that is so desperately trying to change us every moment it gets. Cathartic in some places, constructive in some, one will definitely come across pieces they can find themselves relating to in ways more than one.

It is all about Surviving :

No matter how hard the journey, it’s all about beating the odds; survival of the fittest. Nihar, sings of survival, when one is just so close to letting go. It does not end at reaching and achieving one’s goal, because challenges never end. Neither does the book, as it continues to help one deal with life from the perspective of love, anger, despair and the resulting chaos that engulfs the hidden corners of one’s soul.

Breath in, Chill out and Appreciate :

Yes, one is supposed to do this pretty often than they think. The more hectic life becomes, the more soothing the book becomes. When bearings seem out of control, you are sure to get answers that will provide a sense of security and relief. It will continue to raise one’s spirit and improve their quality of life, long into the future by making one appreciate the little mercy’s of life. Because, what you just accomplished was not an easy task, let it sink in, enjoy it, appreciate it!

Nihar Sharma has shown the pleasure of looking beyond what we see, of spraying magic in the ordinary, of dreaming a life beyond boundaries, and striving to make that dream come true. She is a real -life inspiration herself, as someone who is an engineer turned freelance writer and poet, she seized her dream and expanded her horizon in the process. She regularly shares poetry on social media under her alias ‘The Dreamer’, read and followed worldwide.

To quote,

“Let’s dream, let’s dream so hard.

That they are forced to manifest themselves into reality.”

~The Dreamer

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