How having a “Why” Will Make your Business Succeed

The most overlook ingredient to massive success

Jeffrey Bunting has had a lot of experience pitching his business ideas and building his brand. For years before making it big as an entrepreneur, Jeff was constantly working, and learning, and testing out different strategies used to gain any potential investors or consumers attention.

For months, he was unsuccessful.

At the time, being only a teenager, Jeff was often looked down upon and discouraged from continuing his journey due to his age. People would say he was too young to found a business, too inexperienced or unknowledgeable. But Jeffrey did not give up.

He knew he wanted to make a name for himself in the E-Commerce industry. At the time, it was a whole new market — not yet breached by many companies and products found in store. Once he got his chance at launching his business, Jeff knew he would work day in and day out to make it a success.


By sharing his reason why.

Large companies and corporations are known for their enormous marketing campaigns, and commercials, and promotions. Their ability to reach a large audience is so extensive, that they have lost the connection they made with consumers before.

This meaning, that most often, when a customer shops at a particular location, they go because this is where the product is offered, or because of the price. Not because of the experience, or the knowledge that they are supporting a much bigger cause.

The large company has no need to offer these things anyway. After all, it has already made it big.

But for those like Jeff, whose journey was just beginning, and financial backing was limited, it can prove to be very difficult to build an initial fan base.

So, through Jeffrey’s extensive research, he was finally able to find and familiarize himself with the plan that would help him reach his status as a Multi-Millionaire E-Commerce dominator, today.

The Why, How, What plan.


Why does a person do what they do. What is their reason for choosing to venture on the pathway that does not see many successes. Why risk their time, energy, and finances on something that may not give them the satisfaction or income they desire.

Because it is something they believe in. Your ‘why’ is your motivation.

Jeff knows that your motivation cannot be just to make money. If you told a potential customer that the only reason you began your business was to take their money, there is no doubt that they would stop listening and leave right then and there.

To be successful, you have to feel your why, and be passionate about it. If you told a potential customer that you created your business because you want to change your family’s outcome, live a unique life, or help others do something out of the norm, then this ‘why’ is far more likely to make them want to continue listening. To learn how you are going to accomplish your ‘why’, and what you are going to do about it.


Once you have captured a potential consumer or investor’s attention, sharing how you are going to go about making your ‘why” come true is the next step.

This could be that you are going to strive to better your family’s outcome, by helping others save money. Or by providing a product that makes an everyday struggle much simpler to accomplish.

Jeff believes that if a person heard your ‘why’ and is still there, giving them the insight into how your company works helps them feel as if they are a part of the team, or in on the secret. This increases their want to be a part of your journey. To want to help you accomplish your ‘why’.


By telling the potential customer what you do last — run an E-Commerce business, or Insurance Company — you are giving them the knowledge that you are not in fact a scam.

Many businessmen make the mistake of telling a person what they do, and how they do it first — which leads said person into thinking that they are just another entrepreneur. That they don’t care about them as a consumer. That they just want to sell them a product.

According to Jeff, “Telling a person your ‘why’ first, is more likely to form a connection between business owner and consumer, which in turn gives them a reason to go to you if they need to buy a specific product or service”.

Through these connections, your business will begin to flourish no matter who you are or your age.