How I Found Moon Club and Why You Need To Join One, NOW

Find Your Voice. Own Your Story. Serve the World.

Super Blue Blood Moon January 31st, 2018. Photo credit: TravisBurkePhotography

I will start by saying that one of the most monumental moments of maturity you will have is when you finally realize you are allowed to ask for help. That it’s OK some times to need assistance, a shoulder to cry on, a loan (Biggie I have to disagree with you when you said mo’ money mo’ problems), because most of us don’t have everything all figured out. For me, this skill is especially difficult. I believe that it’s deep seated from my childhood as I became very self sufficient at about 13 years old when I begged my Dad who was working overseas to send me away to boarding school in another country, what normal kid does that? So, I finally started asking people for help over the past year and I’ve been overwhelmed with the response from the beautiful souls I am lucky to call my family and soul sisters and brothers.

Most recently I reached out to the founders of Moon Club. These two women are the New Age, real life modern day Goddesses. The Firey & Radiant Alexandra Roxo is exuded in an ethereal shamanic aura with an entrancing spirit and deep intellect. Mystic, High-Vibe Ruby Warrington eminantes an air of profound wisdom and otherworldly ambience that enthralls your mind, body, and soul. They felt called to answer my request and awarded me a scholarship to their Moon Club program. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and blessings. As my previous year was an uphill battle I have exuded effort to ensure I take power in this New Year and am stoked to become a part of this Moon Tribe. So how did I get into the mystical, magical, new age world of high vibe spirituality you ask?

Almost exactly two years ago my dear friend @karaerickson11 told me about this website @the_numinous — full of all the mystical and magical mayhem I have always been intuitively drawn to. Astrology, the planets, tarot, and the “woo-woo” spirituality as founder, Ruby Warrington, likes to call the outlandish but oh so very true aspect of our lives that relates to the greater universe beyond ourselves.

Since then I have dove head first into the 12 foot deep end of the pool we loved to explore as children, where we played games such as sharks and minnows. But this time my head was swimming in the midst of birth charts, crystals, life path numbers, meditation, planetary influences, learning about retrogrades, full moon circles, and more. I would include yoga but i’ve been a dedicated yogi for quite a few years now, but my practice has undergone striking improvement in the past year too.

I had the grandoise pleasure of meeting the Mystic Ruby at her book signing at the Bodhi Tree in Los Angeles, if you haven’t read Material Girl, Mystical World, stop what you’re doing and open Amazon in your browser and ORDER IT! Or we can start a book club and i’ll send you mine if you send me an influential brain tingler back. Listening to Ruby speak about her life story and views resonated with mine more than I had ever felt before. As a child who was always searching for her niche, I finally felt surrounded by like minded souls the more people I met in the wellness and “woo-woo” space and community. Once I had the opportunity to share some soul speak with her at the end, she signed my book, “Lo — you have all the tools you need — trust yourself. x Ruby”. Wow. So simple. But so true. Taking the time to get to know and be comfortable with your true self, as wild as that may sound, is the key to all your future success. This is where you Find Your Voice.

Fast forward four moon circles later, two housing situations later, countless yoga classes, a break up, and many crystals later (oh I have quite the collection now). I find myself in an immaculate and expansive apartment in DTLA surrounded by the ladies of the Moon Club at my first event, which was free! Thanks ladies! I immediately spotted Alexandra’s firey red head amongst the group. I chatted with several gals adorned in crystals, bohemian garb, and gleaming eyes all in Moon Club who gushed about the community. As we were called to sit in a circle surrounding a lush white faux fur rug and asked to share a story; about why we were there, something we were working on, or tragedies from our past, I realized how much pain we were all going through and were still working on. Each woman in attendance was empowered because she owned her story.

As we’re taught to typically only talk positively and not weigh down others with our problems we’ve lost our womanhood, our support systems, and our empathy for one another. We need to scream, cry, and be told that the world isn’t ending when we feel as if it were. Let the wild woman out, the wolf. Let her howl. Let her roam. Let her just be her true and natural self. I left feeling overwhelmed with emotion, after letting out my own dark secrets in a room full of strangers I craved alone time more than an introvert after a string of holiday parties. The day after I was astounded at how light I felt, that I was able to share my anecdotes with a group of women and they knew exactly where I was coming from. They shared the pain I carried with me. I wanted more meetings. I vowed to join this community when I had settled financially into my new life back home on the East coast.

The importance of joining a group of women whether it be your local “Lionesses Club”, The Numinous’ Moon Club, a local knitting group, or even a book club, is vital in this digital age. As we grow more disconnected from the community we live in, particularly in cities, it grows increasingly more difficult to meet like minded individuals and have a support system that we lack due to living further from our families. I love talking to millenials, friends, and family about the struggles that they currently are experiencing and the consensus falls on the lack of time and opportunities to meet people in their city. Most agree that the drinking culture typically lends itself as the most promising option, and I am vowing to change that.

What I feel called to do in life is create connections that otherwise would not have existed. To devise a new platform where a concious network is the quintessential base. The polar opposite of the Kardashian obsessed society we currently habitate. Three years ago and thirty two stories amidst the New York skyline my idea was born and finally is beginning to come into fruition, please check out my website which is the first steps of my “baby” coming out on February 4th, 2018.

This date is significant to me because it would have been my best friend, Sarah Graham, who passed away in colleges 26th birthday. Her smile lit up every room, she was one of the most selfless women I have ever met, and we shared the same feeling that we did not belong in the respective sororities we were in. Each of us was still searching for our niche but we found an identical light in each other. My influence from her strength, selflessness, and infectious personality has drawn me to search for a more fulfilling career path to make a difference in the lives of others. This brainchild is my contribution to serving the world and hopefully making it a better place than when I entered it.

In Serendipitous Serenities,

Lo Serena

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