How I handle anxiety

one panic attack at a time

I start to recognize my panic attacks. At first, I didn’t. I just went into fear, full frontal. I could not breathe, see light. I could not think properly. I just noticed my window at the world narrowed and narrowed until there was nothing left but darkness. Do not make choices in darkness. Wait, until the light gets in.

Usually, the light gets in, if I just continue doing what I’m doing. Be it work, yoga, writing, poetry - whatever I’m doing, I must continue doing it. Do not cancel plans, diners, friends. Just be you. Go into the moment, try to stay present. Try to breathe. Usually, the moment I stop trying to escape my darkness, it gets better. I see some light. And some more, light, and some more - until I see life, again.

Sometimes, however, I need to remove myself from the scene get in my car go out do something. Different. Sometimes, I run. I run from what’s keeping me sane, secure, safe. Life, as it is, keeps me going. I’m terrified of change, circumstances, choices. I’m terrified of my future. I do not see it, my picture perfect. That’s why I’m not sure, of moving to Mexico yet.

Still, I try. I try by doing what I do on a daily basis. My job. My classes. My friends. My poetry. My life. Life, as we live it and love, as we imagine it to be.

And you? What works for you? Whatever you do to live life fully, tell me. Share. Let’s connect. I love you all. You are what makes me a writer. My readers. So thank you, y namaste.