How I Have a Good Day Every Day

Everything is possible: I am alive, healthy, happy, and I have hope on my side.
Mahvash Mossaed

I think every day is a blank piece of a paper, white as a brand new canvas. I can draw just about anything on it for that day. I can decide to be overjoyed or miserable. I can be an optimist or a pessimist for that whole day. It’s all up to me. The whole day is my blank canvas on which to paint my masterpiece.

Once I wake up in the morning, the very first thing I do is thank God that I woke up. After all, every breath we take is a gift, a miracle. I see myself as a voyager searching for a new world. I affirm to myself, Today is a kind of day when anything is possible. Today is a clean, bright, beautiful day. I am alive, healthy, happy, and I have hope on my side. I visualize my whole day as I am dressing, like the captain of a ship studying the day’s weather report.

Mahvash Mossaed

I believe in always being prepared. That is why the night before, I draft all my to-call, to-go, and to-do lists for the next day in my iPhone. I choreograph everything time wise and location wise in my head so I can get to do everything in my list without any of my time being wasted.

I start my day with a full glass of water with a squeeze of lemon or lime in it. Then I do some deep breathing. Sometimes, if time permits, I go for a short run or just do some simple yoga stretches or a few push ups or squats. I believe in having a big mighty breakfast, with good carbs, fiber, and lots of protein. My favorite is steel cut oatmeal with a bit of blueberry and a few slices of banana on top. I love eggs and greek yogurt, and I can never have enough of avocados. Sometimes, when I am in a hurry, I make myself a quick smoothie with things like spinach and kale in it. I believe in chia seeds, flax seeds, mixed nuts, green tea, and not to forget, layers and layers of almond butter on my toast. I believe in sunscreen, and I believe in hydrating and eating small snacks of fruit, vegetables, and protein all day long.

Mahvash Mossaed

To make my mood stable during a long, busy, and stressful day, I keep taking deep breaths. That helps me to slow down and not to allow people, incidents, and things rush and frazzle me. I realize that if I am coming from a serene place in my mind, every moment is stretched and seems more roomy and spacious. When I am hurried and anxious, I notice that time shrinks, and evaporates, and is mostly and greatly wasted.

Mahvash Mossaed

I try to do one thing at a time, do it well, and give it all of my effort and attention with complete focus all along the day. I periodically attempt to get rid of the weeds of my mind’s garden. That means getting rid of all the unnecessary worries, frets, fears, assumptions, and judgments. That means letting go of old topics, removing energy drains and not always giving into little issues which come up daily at work or in my personal life. I try to always be myself and not the illusion of what people want me to be. Do not have any self doubt. Stay open and flexible. Listen, reflect, and try to take everything that happens around me in that day lightly. Look at the bright and humorous side of life.

I walk around with a hint of a smile on my lips to confirm that I am the kind of a person who does not sweat the small stuff, believing deep in my heart that in the end, everything works for the best. All I am here to do today is to take a big bite of the apple of my life.

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