How Jack Canfield sold millions of books

Publishing your book is one thing; marketing is a whole another story. Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the soul gives some insides how he sold millions of books. This helps also you to sell more books.

1. Rule of 5.

After finally finding a publisher for Chicken Soup for the soul Jack Canfield and Marc Victor Hansen started the marketing process for their book. What they used was the Rule of 5, which means they did five things EVERY day for marketing of their book. So they sent five e-mails to people who could be interested, they made five calls, they send five books to people, they held five speeches, they contacted five newspapers ….

They did this rule of 5 for over two years until Chicken Soup for the soul became a bestselling book. Jack describes in his book “The Success Principles” (which I highly recommend!) this process and mentioned that it was a lot of effort but in the end, it was worth it.

2. Have strong and written down whys.

Jim Rohn already said that if you’re why is strong your how gets easy. That sounds obvious but how many of us have goals without real whys? Common sense is not always common practice. Jack Canfield was very clear; he wanted to reach more people with his books because he deeply believed that the stories in his book will motivate people to get to another level and improve their lives. He wrote the goals down and his whys and also met once a week for an imagination sessions. This session was a mastermind group where they just brainstormed about the outcomes and how to accomplish their goals. So find your personal why, write it down and if you can, make it even stronger.

3. Success leaves clues.

Jack Canfield and Marc Victor Hansen also made their homework before their marketing process. They interviewed 15 bestselling authors like John Grey and asked for their help and what they did for their book promotion. They also bought the book of John Kremer 1001 Ways to Market Your Book and spoke with Marketing Guru Dan Poynter who gave them information. So they looked around and asked themselves who had already the success with book promotions and what can we learn from them? Success leaves clues and your job is to make your research about these clues. These clues are just the starting point because knowledge without action is worthless. So take these rules and use it also for yourself.

Was it worth the effort? I think so, yes. The time magazine called Chicken Soup for the Soul as “the publishing phenomenon of the decade”, the book became a bestselling book and boosted the careers of Canfield and Victor Hansen. They both started small but I believe everybody can also do it. What you need is persistent effort and daily routines to accomplish it.

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