How My Video Got 40,000 Views in just a Few Days

One of my Daily LinkedIn Videos #AnnaTalks Went Viral and Here Is Why.

photo by Anna Sabino

I have been posting one minute episodes every day for over three months on LinkedIn. The show is called #AnnaTalks and it gets a lot of comments and traction. The videos are a great conversation starter on building your business with content, personal brand as well as business relationships and career advice. Every now and then I touch on the topic, which ties in to our private lives as well. At the end of the episode I usually ask the viewers a thought-provoking question.

A few days ago I uploaded a new #AnnaTalks asking in comments to describe in one word that a relationship needs to be successful. The video resonated with many. In just a few days The One Word video got over 40,000 views and over 400 comments. The words still keep coming: trust, love, reassurance, understanding, communication… the list goes on.

At times the words are the triggers to some but that’s life.

I’m not attached to results but I like analyzing the popular. Studying human behavior is an area that’s been interesting me a lot and here are my observations why this #AnnaTalks episode has been by far the most popular out of close to 100, which I published:

  • The video touched on our emotions. We have all been in relationships and have been observing what’s working and what hasn’t been.
  • Readers felt compelled to share their opinion based on what they’ve been through and what they noticed.
  • The ask was very small — “in 1 word” and those who usually don’t comment decided to give commenting a shot because it was easy — 1 word.

For those of you who are curious here is the viral LinkedIn video

Now what’s your answer? Using 1 word let me know in comments what makes a relationship successful.


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