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How often do you ask your employees what they want?

Organizational success depends upon employee happiness. But what does employee happiness depend upon? The way they are treated at work — isn’t it? And, how are you treating them at work? This becomes the million dollar question.

Talking about employee happiness, culture plays the biggest role in ensuring happiness at work. Now, how do we create a culture of happiness?

The answer is pretty simple — by talking to your employees. Well, to elaborate this point here are my few cents of knowledge and thoughts -

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Every team has a story

Sadly though average leaders don’t have enough time to listen to that story. They are too focused on getting things done that they forget about the state in which the employees are doing those things.

This is exactly what separates great leaders from the good ones. Not only are the focused on getting the things done, but they are equally focused on ensuring their team has the right environment and is in the right state of mind to those things.

Listen to their story

As a leader it is your responsibility to make sure that employees feel at home while they are working for you. And, it does not require something special to bring that feeling. Here is a look at what I do to make sure that everyone at ProofHub is always wrapped around the warmth of being at home while they are at work -

  • Have meaningful conversations

There is a difference between the two, though there is a really thin line that segregates them. Talking about things beyond the tasks we are working upon is something that I usually do. These conversations revolve around everything from grabbing new opportunities to learn, to what do my team members look for in order to deliver better performance at work and even constraints in their personal life that are hampering their concentration and productivity.

Many people will question that this strategy works only for small teams, but when you have larger teams including hundreds or thousands of people you have designated manager for each team. And, that manager can work as the leader to do this job. So, it depends upon how much value do you give to employee interaction.

  • Share the true sense of accountability

Everyone at ProofHub is accountable not just for the work they, but to inculcate the feeling of happiness and working together. No one really has to wait for my permission to bring a change in the work culture for the good of the team. For instance, recently the marketing team started of their ‘Star of the Week’ competition to celebrate the best performer of the week.

This seemed quite a good idea to me, and now we have implemented the same for our development, design and testing team as well. The best part is that this initiative was taken by one of the team members, and not the managers or team leaders. So, not just the people with the big titles, but everyone feels accountable to making work culture happier here at ProofHub.

  • Equally open and closed spaces

Every person is different in nature, attitude and personality. And, we respect that. Rather than asking everyone to imbibe our culture, I try to make sure they bring their culture along and add the flavor to what’s already there in our work culture.It might sound too cliche, but talk to any of the team members here at ProofHub and you will see that they are happy to embrace the differences and still work together as one.

The chirpiness in the marketing trainees is not overshadowed by the seriousness of senior designers. The nerdiness of software developers is complemented with the creative thinking of our content writers. And, so on. It feels like one big family, where everyone is there to talk to and listen to each other both on professional as well as personal matters. It’s like everyone has their separate compartments like bees have in a honeycomb, yet they can always come out of their compartment into an open space and share their thoughts.

  • No imitation games

Stay humble, stay original — this is the philosophy we follow at ProofHub. We have built our unique culture, and that is something we are proud of. I am firm believer that no two companies are alike, because people working with them are different. Therefore, by imitating someone else you are trying to be something that you are not.

Thankfully though, everyone at ProofHub understands this and supports the thought. Don’t imitate someone, rather do something amazing that others might want to imitate what you are doing. And, that’s not how great cultures are built.

Do you talk to your employees often?

Coming back to the point from where we started — how do we create a culture of happiness? All the points mentioned above have helped us create a fun, enjoyable and productive culture at ProofHub.

And, a big contribution towards achieving this goal has come by talking to people, and talking to them quite often. Now the question that I have left for you to answer is — how often do you talk to your employees?

Think about it!

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Sandeep Kashyap is the Founder of ProofHub — a leading project management and collaboration software. A passionate leader, Sandeep is always on the lookout for innovative ideas about filling the communication gap between groups, teams and companies. He is also a featured writer on LinkedIn and a contributing author at YourStory. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Also follow our company page @ProofHub to get the recent updates about our tool, published articles, motivational quotes & presentations.


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