How Simple Lifestyle Changes Help Me Be More Energetic

And more productive at home and at work.

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Everyone needs to be more energetic and more productive, especially in today’s fast-paced, competitive environment at work and at home. Feeling energetic can improve the quality of life both professionally and personally. It can be accomplished by making small changes in diet, exercise and getting enough sleep.

Companies today are ever changing, and employers are always updating their strategies to stay relevant. For all those who are working parents — just looking at both work and personal calendars for the day will make anyone delirious and simply burn out.

Luckily, there are easy things that we can incorporate into our daily routines to soothe our heart, mind and soul, and improve our energy levels throughout the day. Many of us are so overworked, which results in decreased productivity. We may lack energy and overlook common sense things that make us more efficient.

Fresh juice bars that offer cleanses are popping up all over the place, so it’s very convenient to grab a bottle to go before work. Fresh fruits, juices or cleansing help me stay energized, light and balanced. When I feel bloated from a few too many cocktails, beers, and greasy food during happy hour, I cleanse. It helps me get rid of some of the bloat caused by alcohol, bread, sweets and fatty foods. Cleansing also helps me neutralize and remove toxins and waste products from my body, so I feel and look healthier, younger, more energetic and productive.

Superfoods with strong antioxidants and anticancer effects, such as chlorophyll help me become more energetic, lose weight and strengthen my immune system. Some of the main benefits of chlorophyll include losing weight and keeping it off, glowing skin and stronger immune system. Take a look at the infographic that WhyChlorophyll put together on the top five real health benefits of chlorophyll. For example, a convenient, ready to drink Verday chlorophyll water, which tastes better than wheatgrass is equivalent to about 12 cups of arugula or four cups of spinach! With all these ways to get healthy greens, there is really no excuse for me not to take advantage of it.

Sleeping make us feel energized, refreshed, helps us lose weight and eat less. They say “sleepyheads” are lazy, inattentive and always tired. Well, on the contrary, sleeping helps deter late night snacking, makes your skin glow in the morning (beauty sleep is not a myth) and keeps your brain healthy into old age! I know, because I’m guilty of “Sleepy Snack Attacks,” when I’m up late to catch up on emails around midnight. My sleepy snack attacks ache for french fries, pizza, chocolate chip cookies, coffee instead of a cleanse or chlorophyll. When I lack sleep, I forget critical things such as that important conference call, or pick up the kids from school.

High quality and natural health products, health foods and supplements can also help us feel more energetic. To help me sleep better on those restless nights, I’m open to: herbal medicine for sleep and relaxation, lavender sleep patches, sleep teas, sleep vitamins, night creams. When I experience sleep snack attacks late at night, I look for guilt-free food and drinks, such as organic lemon ginger or chocolate hazelnut tea biscuits, quinoa chocolate chip cookies, organic coconut milk, chocolate coffee, and raw chocolate brownies. I also find Revital’s fitness and sleep advice helpful on how to be more energetic without having to break the bank by turning to expensive gym memberships.

When I’m really on a budget and don’t have extra money to spend on the snack machine every day, there are natural methods to keep away the afternoon slumps. For example, try these simple yoga poses at work, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how happier, full of energy and more productive you can be. Yoga can also alleviate stress and improve your concentration and posture, so you can multi-task better, be more keen and level-headed.

Drink plenty of liquids. Not only is water free, but it helps perk you up, keep the pounds off, makes your skin glow, prevents headaches and boosts your immune system. Take a five-minute break or go for a brief walk to help your mind rest and help improve your attention span. Many companies now have sleep rooms to enable employees to sleep on the job to increase productivity. Also, instead of reaching for that fourth or fifth cup of coffee, eat a mint or chew a piece of peppermint gum to improve concentration and reduce mental fatigue.