How Staying Focused Has Helped This Entrepreneur Build A Multi-Million Dollar Company In 3 Years

Jan Jens on the importance of “Focus” and how it helped him thrive

Josue Arteaga
Jan 10, 2018 · 3 min read

Entrepreneurs are facing a lot of stress and anxiety issues these days. It seems like every day there is a new opportunity to earn money and aspiring entrepreneurs are getting caught in FOMO. If you chase every opportunity that comes in your way then there are good chances that you won’t become an expert in any of them. Successful entrepreneurs who run multiple companies have focused on one company in the beginning and later when they had enough resources like money and talent, they leveraged them to move on to the next company. “Focus” is rare these days and is an essential quality for success in any field.

When you eat, breathe and live a single industry and put all your efforts in it then success is almost certain. I have met entrepreneurs who started off very well and then “Shiny Object Syndrome” has made them lose their “focus” and eventually tampered their growth. Running multiple businesses might seem cool on social media but entrepreneurs have admitted that they indeed felt a lot of stress running multiple ventures when they started out and decided to move on and shift their focus to one.

I interviewed Jan Jens, Founder of Jatina Group Miami, which is one of the fastest growing companies in the last 2 years. They offer concierge services /villa vacation rentals which include renting out Mansions, Yachts, and Cars. Jatina Group is estimated to cross 3.5 million in revenue this year and have already made 1-million in sales via Airbnb alone. They currently have access to over 30 mansions and have 4 Full-time employees. Jatina Group clientele includes celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, Drake etc.,

The way he started Jatina Group is very interesting, he explains “I hail from Hamburg, a city in Germany and my dad owns a construction company that built major supermarkets in Germany. In 2014, I took a 3-week vacation to Miami and I rented out a villa from a Concierge service that I found online. Their customer service sucked as they were not even picking up my calls while I was vacationing in one of their properties. That’s when I felt I can probably provide better service as a concierge by starting my own company. I have a keen sense of “Attention to details” and I thought that it will definitely be of help here ”

When I asked what made him achieve his success in such a short time, he replied “Focus!, I understood its importance when I lost it! I was strictly into concierge services from the beginning but then at some point of my journey I lost focus and started getting into restaurant business which failed badly and also affected my concierge business. I had to re-think and remind myself why I was doing good when I started out and the obvious answer was “FOCUS”. I left the restaurant business and then I completely focussed on Jatina Group, my concierge company. It started growing very well and I got a chance to connect with Quincy Brown who helped me gain contacts in the Music Industry. Later, I landed big names like Drake, Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Hart etc., as clients.

Jatina Group has a great social presence and are very active on Instagram where they have a massive following. Check out @jatinagroup on Instagram to find posts of luxury mansions, exotic cars, and yachts that they offer as part of their service.

Jan says that he would have achieved a lot more had he not been distracted during his journey. It’s amazing to see entrepreneurs like Jan learning and pivoting themselves when they face roadblocks. During these times where every day a new industry is being born, staying focused and growing a company is very difficult. It is true that an industry or a company has to employ new technology or they might go out of business but this has to be done by making sure they stay focused on what’s working right now. Jan’s story of creating a successful company is very inspiring and is a lesson to be learned on the importance of “Focus”.