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How the Energy of Knowing Alters Outcomes


In a world of infinite possibilities why do so many people continue to repeat the same mistakes, choose the same ways and get the same old results? We know that biochemistry and the release and re-release of certain hormones plays a key role, but they are only the result of the mind’s messages.

What you doubt draws more energy than what you are certain of and yet if you poured as much energy into knowing as you do doubting, you would alter the outcome of what you are trying to achieve. To simply “know” reaches beyond hope, beyond imagination and beyond willpower. Knowing is a combination of blind faith and holding the space of neutrality where manifestation occur. In spirituality, it is the knowing that seals all outcomes.

There are four elements which create outcomes:

1. The idea or concept: your dream, imagination or divine inspiration.

2. The spoken or written word: praying, affirming, journaling, visualizing.

3. Gratitude: a grateful heart creates by the very measure of the gratitude.

4. Knowing: to believe with all your heart that it is already accomplished before your eyes ever see it, in reality.

Knowing is how all sages and students of spirituality and quantum physics, accomplish greater things. In my nearly three decade career, it is said that with rare exception (the exception is based on the personal variables of whomever I am working with) anything I pray for another comes to pass but how and why? The reason is simple, discipline of the mind and heart. I pour all of my love and energy into knowing it’s already done and then it becomes so. I power pack my intention of serving another, combined with knowing they are served. There is no doubt, no thought for self, no worry, no ego or concern that I may look like a buffoon or be written off as a freak. I don’t ever allow the thought, “Hope it works” into my conscious mind. These are worldly concerns, while the quantum energy I am working with is other-worldly. While that may sound arrogant, these teachings were taught by Jehoshua aka Jesus and by many sages including Buddha, Yogananda and Sai Baba.

Even what appears to be impossible can be overcome with enough energy and knowing.

With practice anyone can achieve a level of knowing that renders precise results. I often wish the world were savvy to this ancient wisdom because all it would take, is a collective mass of consciously awakened souls, to alter the outcomes of fear, hate, war, disease, poverty and ignorance.

Knowing, is the science of mind discipline, which will ultimately change the global spectrum.

In 2010 the world watched helplessly as the BP oil spill ravaged the Gulf Coast. More than 200 million gallons of crude oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 days, making it the biggest oil spill in U.S. history. 16,000 miles of coastline, including the coasts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida were severely impacted. The loss of foul and marine life, the income of fishermen along the Gulf Coast and closed beaches was devastating. Yet in the midst of this man-made disaster, a large group of us began using mind over matter, prayer power and energy to dissipate the oil.

Suddenly, the news announced that a “new bacteria” was eating the oil! In an article written by Science and Energy reporter, Andrew Follett, he explains, “Oil-eating microbes ate most of the oil BP spilled into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, according to new research by scientists with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.”

To those of us who are used to moving mountains, we were none surprised that this “new” oil eating bacteria was cleaning up the mess man had made. Again, the idea, the spoken word, along with collective mass and pure intention, giving thanks and KNOWING it was done, were the ingredients which changed the outcome.

There is a small caveat to utilizing the energy of knowing and that is, in your personal life you may not always get what you are focused on. For those who are attuned to spirituality and the concept of “highest good for all,” there is an understanding of the laws of karmic return and most spiritually awake people would never cross that line intentionally. That does not mean that you can’t apply this discipline to your personal life but remember, intention and tapping into your highest self are foundational.

Meditation is essential to accessing the powerhouse within and the additional benefit to quieting the mind is the increase of conscious awareness and mindfulness. Elements like greed, disease and selfishness typically are not found in long term meditators. The higher you go, the deeper you are connected with the greater Light and the more you embody pure love and love seeks nothing but to love.

Imagine what we could do if only knowing and the pure intention of love were the first tools people reached for to solve human and environmental crisis. I suggest we KNOW that is the case and the collective energy will make it so.

Ariaa is a Spiritual Life Strategist and renowned intuitive counselor and is listed #111 of the Top 200 Most Influential Authors in the world. Since her clinical death in the Austrian Alps in 1993, Ariaa has devoted her life to inspiring, empowering, uplifting and spiritually educating people from every culture to “A higher way of thinking, a more evolved way of living and a more loving way of being.” To learn more visit her website at



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