How this entrepreneur led Indian teenage population towards the path of success

Rahul Singh
Mar 22, 2018 · 4 min read

Teenage, not so easy!

Every one of us who has been in the phase of getting promoted into adolescence from the teen-age has gone through many psychophysical changes. Some of these changes transformed us into a better individual while the other ones came in the form of distractions. Nevertheless, what never ceased to attract us was to give our shot on experiments while this natural process was hitting hard on us. Even studies have confirmed that the blame goes on poor decision-making brain participation and falling for alluring short-living rewards, at this age. However difficult it may sound to have a productive teenage journey, we all believe in a miracle to happen. Miracle, that would hover above us and make our grades better, give a direction to our life, give us good-senses, and make us successful at the end. Well, that miracle is nothing but our lifestyle habits which can be worked upon and boom! The magic might just happen.

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Pragya Saboo

Success doesn’t count any age

Success is nothing but a product of our habits, persistence and how we interact with our system. Adapting to a healthy lifestyle will always exert cohesion with a mind-full state of being which is devoid of attempting any wrongful activities. Teens these days are proactively involved in alcoholism, drug intakes, passive violence, social media addiction and many other things which they shouldn’t be a part of. This has become a matter of bigger concern and not a lot of attention is given to it. Pragya Saboo, a young social entrepreneur has come up with a campaign to put an end to this and give this young energy a new direction. Despite being a graduate of Georgia Tech in the USA, Pragya has her heart beating for India. Her initiative is centered on the issues that India youth is getting dissolved in, issues like smoking, drinking at early ages, lacking motivation, miss-constructed time management skills, unset goals, vague decision making, and so on. Under her ‘Project XXI’, she organizes free boot camp sessions personally as well as virtually for all school students in India. ‘The agenda is to inspire, motivate, teach and get them connected to the right people. This is done through rich conversations, interactive activities and discussions.’ says Pragya. Pragya is a devouring meditation practitioner as well as a voracious reader. Her belief lies in positivity, being surrounded by the right people and keeping your body, mind, and soul flourished with good reads and healthy practices.

Absorb all the goodness

Teenage is when people are most vulnerable and malleable to get into a new shape. This can turn them into future leaders and influencers, given that they focus on developing their personalities. However, personality development has now been socially stigmatized with unrealistic thoughts that these developments are needed for those who lack some trait in them. Defying any such biased thoughts, Pragya aims at providing holistic development to the children. Due to unstructured school curriculums and high attention given to grades in school, a student might suffer from psychological atrocities. This can at any point, hamper their growth and draw their attention towards unfair activities. Having habits of reading books, meditating, involving in physical activities, having productive part-times, working towards goals, networking, and being generous and showing gratitude are some of those things which can turn a person towards a hale and hearty personality.

And the world is your stage

Exhilarating growth can be ensured when your resources come handy to you. Perhaps not every student is privileged with someone who can guide them. ‘While reflecting on my days in high school, I realized that almost everyone wanted to do something good for the world but they lacked many things. It’s the motivation, resourcefulness, time management skills, inspiration, and clarity of goals that we need in our life. Having that, all of us can thrive high in our lives’, adds Pragya. Project XXI works in an evaluative manner to make sure that everyone develops not only professionally but also spiritually, and intellectually. As the students have to thereafter get into higher studies, they must be ready to conquer over the possible challenges, threats, and competition that life has planned for them. That’s going to make them the future leaders, entrepreneurs, and make them contribute a big impact on their communities. Pragya Saboo has proven that it’s not the excuse of a tender age but our will which can make or break us. Her non-profit initiative has received mickle of success and love from the students. She has become an inspiration for a lot of success stories that people will read about in the coming years.

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