How This Italian Entrepreneur Became A Consultant For Large Companies Before He Turned 20

Dario Vignali’s journey from his first blog to becoming the Instagram sensation in Italy at a young age

It’s ironical how we are expected to build our lives in a usual manner while dropping milestones of exceptional work as we walk through it. Nobody wants to be regular but what it takes to be different might come with a big price and heavy demands, the first of which is to find the correct path you want to walk on. Well, this might turn out to be the biggest blunder if you are not well-acquainted of your abilities and don’t want to go beyond conventional fields. We all have a curious-bug inside us, and it’s essential to feed it by interest while acquiring all the skills you can and then, nobody can stop you from being successful, in your ways.

Social media, at its best

In a tech-savvy world that offers millions of apps for communicating everything online, be it via emails, tweets, messages or anything else, Instagram has come out to be one of the biggest boons for the youngsters. When the world was creating their online presence on Instagram for the sake of fulfilling social needs, Dario Vignali, a 26-year-old Italian Instagram Star had some other plans in his mind. Rejecting the idea of getting a ‘real job,’ he dreamt of an unusual life instead and saw his social media handle as a platform to establish his career.

Getting the flight ready

While everyone else, at a young age of 13 was getting their regular education, Dario dropped out of his university when he was almost at the end of it and wrote his first blog, which happened to take him places afterward. Why? Dario figured out what his curious bugs wanted and decided to pursue his career with his interest. He was keenly involved in studying the web and its technologies and gave proportionate time to it. Even when his faculty scrutinized his knowledge in chemistry, he always knew what he wanted and what he has to do. Following his passion for being a traveler, he is living a life which is in a perfect symphony of professionalism and traveling while getting all the luxuries which a man can get.

More skills, more power

Dario’s skillful hands at blogging led him to the mastery of Affiliate Marketing and Brand positioning, and now, he costs a minimum of €700 for his Instagram post, you can find him here. What people otherwise considered being an entertainment tool, turned out to be a pretty well monetizing agent for him. In the initial years of starting his digital agency, he already has L’oreal group as his clients. As an influencer, he has worked with Coca-Cola, Land Rover, Huawei, Warner Bros, Yves Saint Laurent, Mercedes Benz, just to name a few. Dario’s courses have helped more than 7000 Italian entrepreneurs, and he recently got rewarded by the Click Funnel ‘2 Comma’ Award for his explicit achievements.

And the world is yours

What led him to his early success was his ability to detect what he wanted and preserve his interest while invigorating his skills to get better every day. After getting into the conversation with Dario, he told “My ideal goal is not money. My only ambition is to be able to continue to travel the world while maintaining my professional and personal freedom”. Dario has got featured in Wired, Vanity fair, Startup Italia, and Italian National Television. He has spoken at Mashable Social Media Day Italia and Incitement Italy. Also, he’s been a platinum member of Clickbank in 2016 and 2017. The journey of him becoming an entrepreneur, starting from writing blogs to becoming an expert in affiliate marketing and brand positioning, can be seen as a significant motivation of how we can turn the tables by choosing the right direction. We all face the dilemma of picking our career, but some self-seeking insightful sessions might work well, just like it did for Dario.