How to Avoid the Cubicle Life and Become a Digital Nomad

How JC Vitalis became a world traveler after dropping out of college

Most employees and business owners live a cubicle life. They go to work to see their office, go home and see their bed and don’t make time for anything else really. While not an easy feat to accomplish most don’t travel which ends up bringing out more of a creative side in a human. Because in essence we are creatures of habit. Traveling allows us to have an experience that opens our minds to think outside the box. It’s a great stress reliever which allows us to learn more about ourselves.

Instagram for me is a vision board where you can find amazing pictures, videos, and accounts that showcase the beauty of nature and travel. When I wanted to learn about how to avoid the cubicle life and in fact live a digital nomad life I found @jcvitalis (Chris Vitalis) who is a Travel and Freedom Advisor. I came to him with a set of questions that I wanted to know about.

Chris’s Instagram is filled with posts that inspire you to travel more and live your life to the fullest. The great thing about his post descriptions is that he is very honest about the advice that he gives. While the images and videos in his account show the beauty of nature, his post descriptions show that you need hard work, commitment, and passion to live such lifestyle. I asked him why he’s so passionate and his reply was “Freedom, Money, and Travel. I like to have freedom and travel a lot, for which I’ll need sufficient money, and so, I need financial freedom”. He clearly explained how those three things are in direct correlation to each other.

People dream about traveling the world all the time yet certain factors stop them from doing so. When I asked Chris what he thinks is the reason why people travel less, he said: “Everyone likes to travel, but many either don’t have time or money to do it.” He adds “When it comes to traveling, reaching the destination is boring. Finding new places, meeting new people, setting new goals is what most people want.”

For those who don’t know Chris is a college dropout and left his Master’s degree to start his own business. His efforts paid off and currently he runs 3 businesses with over 50 full-time employees and 7 part-time employees. One of his companies is a digital marketing company based in New York that has extensive operations in the UK. His mantra for all of his companies is to “provide value first and then ask for payment”. He says that this mantra has been a major factor in his success. Most people try to close the client from the moment they meet them. Chris says that this approach is very wrong “When a potential client approaches me for marketing purposes, I’ll ask them series of questions as I’d like to know their product in depth before I could even consider accepting them as a client.” No wonder this approach helped him work with business giants like Microsoft and Emirates.

He uses the same approach when he advises on Travel and Freedom. The advice that he offers in his Instagram posts are actionable and can be implemented if someone wants to travel and earn money while doing so. Chris gives credit to 3 factors that are a must if you want to pursue the travel lifestyle — hard-core dedication, enthusiasm, and motivation. He says that “If a college dropout can bring this dream to reality then it is possible for anyone who is passionate about it”.

Chris started offering strategy consulting to multiple 7 and 8-figure companies and he travels a lot while doing so. He loves helping people who are passionate and teaches them his strategies.

Making a fortune while traveling is no more a dream in this digital age. Entrepreneurs like Chris have proved that this is possible and just like any other business this needs hard work, commitment, and dedication. Chris hates dishonest marketers who try to showcase that this lifestyle as an easy task. He stressed that the 3 factors of success are very important to achieve this lifestyle and they will be needed to continue to live this lifestyle. Mentors like Chris can offer constant support and advice to help passionate people achieve their goals.