How to Beat Dehydration this Summer

Severe dehydration can lead to death. Beware!

While there is lots of fun stuff that is meant for summers only, it is just a matter of time when the mercury starts rising and drives us up the wall. But that’s what summer is all about; the heat and the fun. There is a lot to do when this season kicks in; from family picnics to visit to the beaches, from playing golf to just lounging in the backyard, there is just so much to do. So what can one do to have the best summer without dehydrating themselves to the point of sickness?

Here are a few tips that can help you stay hydrated and strong:

1. Never Compromise on the Drinking Game

No kidding. Everyone knows this yet everyone sidelines it. The first thing to a great hydrated summer includes keeping a vigilant check on your fluid in-take. While water is necessary for you, you should also consider including in more juices, less caffeine and more food with high water content. For those who tend to be busy or just can’t get themselves to drink enough, the best way to keep a check on your intake is to always keep a hydro flask water bottle with you and set time limits by which you should have emptied it. In this way, you will always have something cool to drink, right by your side.

2. Always Keeping your Cool

The next common mistake we all tend to make during summers is over-exposure to the sun. If you are constantly keeping yourself under the 45 degree of sunshine, you will get dehydrated no matter how much fluid you take in. So always be careful and stick to surroundings which offer you shade. In case you are supposed to be working under the direct sun, take breaks and allow your body temperature to cool down by pouring water on yourself or by just even fanning.

Sitting directly under the air conditioner after an over-exposed day can be harmful, for the more your body temperature fluctuates, the more chances it creates for heat-stroke. The key is to always keep the body temperature balanced and normal.

3. Dress up Well

While summers usually calls for tank tops and shorts, the right kind of clothing can save so much hassle for you. Wearing dark colors or fitted clothing is a big no-no as it absorbs heat and doesn’t really do much good to you. Light colored, cotton clothing will save your day and even if it gets sweaty and messy, cotton is the fastest material to dry up. Speaking of which the next thing that comes up is the use of a high SPF value-based sun block. It will not only protect you from the unnecessary tan but will protect you against the harmful UV rays coming from the sun.

4. Keeping the Heavy-Duty stuff a Bit Low

You don’t need to be extremely active, especially in the peak summer months and during the 10 am- 2 pm mark. Make it easy for yourself and don’t indulge in heavy duty sports or exercise in the daytime. Try shifting these activities in the evening time and a bit on hold when the summer season is on its peak.

Summer is the most awaited season, so don’t dehydrate yourself and get sick before the fun begins!