How To Become THE No Brainer Choice For Your Potential Clients In Today’s Overstimulated Online World.

At the core, business boils down to relationships, and in today’s automated, online driven world it’s easy for people to forget that

Many entrepreneurs wonder why they aren’t making more sales, or why their marketing strategies aren’t performing as well as they’d like. At least that’s how Austin Damon, an entrepreneur from Spokane, Washington felt.

Austin used to make marketing, sales, and acquiring new clients much more difficult than it needed to be. When marketing and talking to business owners about his company’s offerings, he always found himself feeling that he was being too salesy and was usually just pushing people away.

In an over stimulated world, where everyone is being pitched on something, and has many different options to choose from, it can be difficult to stand out.

After investing in some coaching, Austin figured out that business and sales was really at it’s core about relationships and caring about people. He then began to focus on providing as much upfront, helpful, targeted value as he could to potential clients, before any transaction ever took place.

Through trial and error, Austin developed a simple process that allowed him to acquire the right type of client’s whenever he wanted.

Now acquiring new clients that are a joy to serve and impact is like riding a bike for Austin. And he wants the same to happen for other entrepreneurs struggling to land new business, or the right type of business as well.

Here are the 4 ordered, actionable steps you can take today that Austin shares on how to be the no brainer choice for your potential clients in your industry:

1. Know Your Ideal Client

Many entrepreneurs and even digital marketers who are phenomenal at providing services and growth to other businesses still struggle to attract leads for their own business. From what I’ve found, this is generally because they don’t know who they’re working with. Sure they’ll tell you they specialize in helping X industry, but most don’t have who they work with thoroughly detailed out. They aren’t hyper focused and specific.

When entrepreneurs don’t know the specific details about who they should be working with and attracting, they don’t know how to find lucrative clients who actually need them. And when we don’t know someone, it’s pretty difficult to figure out how to communicate with them, and even more difficult to provide helpful value to them that will build trust for a transaction to take place.

Knowing your ideal customer gives you insider tips on how to best serve them. As entrepreneurs we want clients who respect us, our time, and who are easy to set expectations with. If we don’t define who that client is, we will never be able to consistently find them and attract them.

When we can find our ideal client, we can outreach, produce content, and market our offering so much more effectively and land more deals in much less time.

Here are a few questions that can help you define who your ideal client is:

  • What’s your ideal client’s biggest pain point?
  • What are they struggling with right now?
  • What’s their biggest fear?
  • What do they really want?
  • What are their values in life
  • What are their hopes, dreams, and aspirations?

2. Get Market Feedback From Your Current Client Base (Your Current Ideal Clients)

In order to stand out within your industry, you need to know your current and potential client’s pains, fears, desires and aspirations better than they do!

Analysis and reflection is extremely powerful, but real time market feedback is often even more beneficial.

When you are aware of who you want to be working with, and have defined your ideal client avatar, take a look at your current customer base.

Pick your top two clients that align most closely with how you described who your ideal client is.

Once you’ve done this, schedule an appointment with them and ask them questions that reveal what their true pains and desires are. You also want to ask questions that reveal their honest perception of your industry.

Some questions you can ask are:

  • What is your main complaint about your industry and your customers?
  • If you could do it easily what would you change about your industry and your customers?
  • What would you like to accomplish in the next 6 months?
  • What frustrates you about businesses in my industry and what do you wish companies in my industry would do differently?
  • If you could tweak the products or services my industry provides to better suit your needs, what would you change?
  • What is most confusing about my industry?

3. Create Solutions To Your Current Client’s Biggest Pains

Since our current clients align with our ideal client avatar and the potential clients we market and sell to should of course align with our ideal client avatar as well… Our current client’s pains and desires will likely be the same as the business owner’s we’re prospecting.

This means, if we can create a solution to our current clients pains we will be able to leverage it to build trust with potential clients during the lead generation and sales process.

How we do this is by looking for commonalities in the answers our client’s gave us to the questions we asked them in order to gain market feedback. Once we find the most common pains and frustrations, we want to innovate on them.

Think to yourself, how can you make your client’s life and business easier, better, and more lucrative based off of what they expressed?

Can you create an extra resource for them, a free piece of value, or a new product or service that is super simple to deliver?

4. Provide the Solutions as Value to Your Ideal Potential Clients for FREE

Not only will these solutions we’ve created help to better retain our current clients, but as previously stated, they will allow us to offer MAJOR value to potential clients in both the lead generation and sales process.

When we can offer unattached, relevant value before any type of transaction has taken place, people will trust us much more. Which in turn, will make it so much easier to acquire them as clients when we ask for their business.

Many entrepreneurs are afraid of doing this because they’re scared to give away their stuff for free. They shouldn’t help someone if they’re not being paid for it right?

This is a flawed mentality. The internet neutralizes everything and makes knowledge more easily accessible than ever. Anyone could Google the information you have, but that doesn’t mean they will use it or be capable of implementing it. So give away your best stuff.

Scarcity mindset is a poor one. People won’t take advantage of you when you help them, they’ll notice a difference and want to buy from you even more so. If you’re offering them relevant value on the front end before the transaction, they’re going to wonder how much better it gets on the backend once they’ve purchased.

So when you have created a piece of value that helps solve your ideal client’s pains, fears and frustrations… think to yourself how you can deliver a potential client this during the sales process.

Maybe it’s simple over an email, maybe it’s on a phone call, maybe it’s somewhere in your automated online funnel. You get the idea.

As entrepreneurs in our overstimulated, digital world where everyone has too many options, we want to build trust, be relevant, and show that we truly care.

Remember, when people know that you care, they will care what you know. This simple process is how you can become the no brainer choice for your potential clients.