How to build your business — even when you have no time & no energy

Christine McAlister
Nov 2, 2018 · 4 min read

Identify what’s really keeping you stuck & bust through it!

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Do you everfind yourself saying this?

“I have trouble finding enough time and energy for my business.”

It’s a super-common frustration, especially when building businesses on the side of full-time jobs and busy lives!

But, instead of telling you something everyone says like, “We all have the same number of hours in the day, so you can do it too,” (which might be encouraging or, depending on your mindset, depressing), I’d like to offer you an insight as to what might ACTUALLY be going on with you instead.

The Real Problem

You don’t know exactly what to do in your business each day to move it forward, so you have this vague feeling of “there’s not enough time or energy,” because you don’t have clarity on your audience or your message and don’t even know exactly how much time or energy you need!

Let me give you some examples, so that you can see what I mean.

Example #1

If I told you all you needed to do to start to grow your business was make a post on Facebook or Instagram one time a day (which is actually a GREAT start and if you’re not doing it, I highly recommend that you do), and then respond to comments or messages you’ve gotten in the last 24 hours, how long does that take?

If you already know what you want to post, then 15 minutes, tops, right? However, if you don’t know what you want to say, or who you’re talking to, or how to provide value to them, or what you’re offering or HOW to offer it, then this feels like WAY too big of a thing to do, and it FEELS like you don’t have enough time or energy. It lurks out there like a big overwhelming task monster that you just can’t get to. What you’re seeing is that task monster’s SHADOW. It’s not really that big and scary, but your mind has decided that it is and so it overwhelms you.

In a case like this, it’s likely that you’re lacking clarity and confidence, both of which can be achieved really quickly when you’re strategic about them.


Make the time up front (just ONCE!) by laying a basic, but solid foundation by determining 1) your niche and 2) what you have to offer that niche, will suddenly give you a steady guide to inform both your message and your voice.

Suddenly that quick daily task of posting online and responding to messages becomes one of those cute little furry task monsters. :) This is something that even the busiest of people can fit into a day, especially if it’s a priority because you know that it’s strategically moving your business forward.

Example #2

You don’t know when you’d actually work with (or do work for) paying clients. If you haven’t figured out where your clients are going to fit into your busy life, then guess what? They WON’T fit in, and you won’t be moving daily toward getting them. I see people stuck here all the time.

So take a look at your calendar and decide, where would I love to have those paying clients? Which hours (whether it’s lunch time, or evenings, or weekends — and I’ve used all of these at various times when I was side-hustling, as do my clients) feels like the best place for me to complete that work?

Now, schedule those hours on your calendar (even if it’s just 1 per week!) and then during that hour, get visible online and/or reach out to potential clients or customers UNTIL you have someone in that spot, paying you. By the time the clients arrive, setting that time aside will likely feel routine and easy.

Again, this is about priority and strategy. “Booking” yourself out for the week, by putting it on the calendar will help you choose your business over other things that may come up. When your co-workers ask you to head out to lunch with them, instead of thinking, “Well, I guess I can go, I do need to eat,” now you have a concrete reason to say, “I can’t today, I’m already booked.”


Using the “I don’t have enough time or energy” excuse is so common, it’s cliche. In fact, some people even wear it as a badge of honor — like being too busy means you’re super-productive and in-demand. But if it’s not helping you move toward your business goals, it’s time to start saying and behaving in a different way.

You may think, “She just doesn’t know my life. My life is truly crazy.”

Well, I may not know your exact situation, but I have repeatedly seen a lack of strategic thinking keep people hung up on what is essentially a really easy fix!

If building your business is something you really want and desire, then you create the time and the energy, no matter how small, to keep moving yourself forward. You realize that with a mindset shift and a bit of strategic thinking and planning, you can and WILL show up consistently for your business.

Tell me, is this a common excuse you find yourself using, and if so, what questions or intentions do you have to change it? Share with me below!

Next Steps

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