How to Create Your Word of the Year

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

It’s the New Year. Goals will be set, resolutions made, and words will be set as intentions for the year ahead.

Over the last few years, claiming a “word of the year” has become more common place. Along with vision boards, having a word to connect with as a focal point for creating or maintaining a new level of awareness is a powerful tool.

Words do indeed have power; they hold a specific frequency. And when you choose words to think or say as a mantra for your life, you can literally re-wire your thinking alongside your energetic experience.

Picking a word to hold as an intention for growth and healing can be a transformative process in and of itself.

Finding words to express your unique transformation requires an awareness as to where you’ve been stuck or on hold, and how you wish to grow in the year ahead.

And picking one word, or theme, works best when it matches vibrationally to how you feel when you anchor into your “best future self.” Your word should resonate at a level that you alone understand as the fullness of your growth.

So how do you go about this?

Get out of your head.

Let’s face it, your mind is probably the last part of you that wants you to change. It’s doing its best to keep you right where you are… safe and sound and in your familiar world.

So get out of your head. Move into your energy.

Spend some time in meditation and ask a question like, “Who am I to grow into?” Then, sit back and feel into your body. Sense into the answers.

Let the vision form of you, a year from now… your highest version of you.

Who are you? How do you feel? What kinds of things interest you?

Let yourself sense into that version of you as fully as possible. Find out what they know, that you need to know. How do they show up in the world? What change did they make that got them there? What secret do they hold as to how you can grow?

Sitting in the soupiness of that experience of you, you’ll sense who you are and how you must grow. You’ll know how you want to feel.

Somewhere in there is a word that expresses that version of you. Let it show up.

Create a word that’s multidimensional

Your word has power. It has an energy to it. When you say it or think it, it will have deep meaning to you. It will set you into motion to think, feel and do something new.

Let it be deep. Let it mean all kinds of things to you. And you know what? It may not be rational in any way.

Here’s the thing: nobody else needs to understand your word.

Explosion is my word. I know, on the outside it seems super weird. On the inside, it represents this explosion of energy: breaking apart old patterns, joy, energy and movement, bursts of laughter….

I think my word, and can sense into a completely different vision of me; the me I am growing into.

Your word only needs to make sense to you.

Let the word you choose be a catalyst to a myriad of inner experiences that you can instantly recognize when you think of it. That word of yours will remind you of your best future self and all you are, as that.

Try your word on for a while… find the right fit

This word that you are creating has got to hold some juice for you. It might even take a while for it to show up. So follow the thread of what you are manifesting for yourself.

Let your word be a part of how you talk about your vision of your life and what you need to do to grow into that, and listen as you speak.

When you hear that word of yours, does it send a message through you? Does every part of you get what you mean? Or, does it feel a bit off?

Practice consciously listening to your thoughts about your own inner transformation. Maybe you keep using a particular word when you talk about your life and what’s needed at some level to support your change (like an explosion of energy!). Chances are, the words you keep using will point you to “the word” that sums it all up for you!

Choosing a word of the year can change you

This year might just be the year you chose a word of the year. If so, let it change you.

We do have to work at these things, keeping our choice to grow right in front of us.

Do the inner work you need to make your word your reality

It’s one thing to put your word up on your wall and see it from time to time. It’s another thing altogether to consciously work on yourself using your word as a transformational tool.

If you are picking a word that represents a level of healing or a new awareness you wish to embody in the year to come, then doing the inner work to facilitate that growth is going to be necessary to start thinking new thoughts, feeling a different way, doing new things and being the change you seek.

Take time in your meditations to revisit your word… and “the you” it represents.

Think/Feel/Know your word in it’s fullest meaning to you. Let the energy of that envelop you as you sit and observe your inner world. See yourself as that person, doing what you do as that person… and notice where you are willing and unwilling to fully own that.

If your word for the year represents some level of growth or transformation for you, you will find places in your life where you don’t want to own that.

And that’s Ok.

Lean into that tension. Observe that. See what you can learn from the fear and move through it.

Even outside of meditation you can reconnect with you the intentions you hold with your word. Journal on how well you have been able to live into that word. Or commit to activities that hold you to your word.

Whatever you do, your word must be alive to you. It can’t just be a static “thing” hanging on your wall.

What’s in a word?

Words can be magical elixirs to us. They can anchor us. So this year, find a word that can focus you on how you wish to grow… the who you wish to become.

It can be a secret word or a word you share far and wide. Let your word, though, be your word.

Here’s to a year of soulful transformation.