How to design a Satisfying Life in only 21 min. a Day!

The Stellar Blueprint..

Tuning into your daily frequency of self-care, awareness, discipline, gratitude, and love is the beginning of celebrating your 24 hours, today.

I use the framework of the blueprint to guide my clients as they design the life they want for themselves. People and houses have more in common than you might think.

  • Just like houses are made up of rooms with different purposes, you have different areas of your life
  • Each of those areas of your life can benefit from intentional design AKA a blueprint
  • Typically, clients and I work together to redesign their inner blueprints for gratitude, wellness, spirituality, and wealth

Lets Keep it Super Simple to A Stellar 24 hrs..

For now I’ll share with you my Gratitude Blueprint that I use with my Stellar Blueprint Club…

  • Every day, you’ll choose to be mindful of and recognize the things you’re grateful for.
  • How you recognize these things is up to you. You can make a list on paper or just keep a running list in your head, some like to record it on your phone so you can play during the day..
  • Each day you want to strive to recognize at least 25 things (if not more) you’re grateful for. Some days may be easier than others. On those harder days you especially can’t fall short of the 25.
  • It’s okay to repeat items. I’m sure you feel grateful for your friends and family everyday so it makes sense to list them. Try to keep a balance of the old and the new as you go.

Gratitude isn’t reserved solely for big, lofty things like a college education, the strength of your family ties, or even your home. You may be grateful for a special aunt and the chance you’ve had to reconnect with her on the phone, and also be grateful for finding a parking spot close to the store when your feet are tired!

The focus is on feeling the gratitude..

How will you answer the question, “Am I happy with what I created in my day today?”

When you detox from the distractions that block your Divine power, you begin to bulletproof your performance. Use the blueprints I listed above so you can give permission to the energy you want to arise in you everyday.

I challenge you to take the first step:

  • Be Disciplined
  • Be Outstanding
  • Be Inspired
  • Be Empowered
  • Be Whole
  • Be in your Divine Power

When you decide you are worth more, you will commit to showing up in your Divine power every day, no excuses.

Are you Ready to get started, no excuses?

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