How to Effortlessly Live in Your Strength

Four Tricks for Shifting from Weakness to Strength

As women, we often put too much focus on our weaknesses. It is so easy for us to completely ignore our strengths and have this struggle where we feel like we need to constantly work on and improve our weaknesses.

I am 100% guilty of this. I completely ignore the fact that I don’t judge people and accept them for who they are, I communicate very well via the written word and I have connections that last years and years. Instead, I tend to focus on my struggle to connect with people naturally, or to sell my products and services with ease or even feel comfortable talking with a stranger. My strengths get lost in the struggle to improve my weaknesses.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could thrive in our strengths and give less attention to our weaknesses?

Listed below are some things that have helped me shift my perspective and live more fully in my strengths.

Gratitude. I always come back to this one. It’s almost like gratitude can fix anything and everything! I’ve found that focusing on things that I am grateful for helps shift me out of that place where I’m caught up in my weaknesses. Shifting from a place of weakness to a place of only gratitude helps showcase your strengths and it also reminds you that there are many things around you that are positive and good.

I have found that spending time daily listing, either out loud or on paper, things I am grateful for makes me feel stronger and more focused on positive things rather than negative ones.

Positivity. Take that weakness and turn it around to the positive opposite. This is an exercise I use with my Affirmation Intensive clients. I have them write out all the negative thoughts they have in one area of their lives that they’d like to change. Then we hone in on the key statements and together we turn them around.

For example, one of my perceived weaknesses is that I find it very difficult and uncomfortable talking to strangers. Now, let’s flip it. I talk to everyone with grace and ease. It may not be true right now, but if I allow the negative statement free reign, it NEVER will be true. However, if I start thinking, saying and replacing the thought with my new one, things will open up inside me and magic could happen!

Even without the magic though, I am now allowing that space the weakness held to be filled with positivity and hope.

Love. Another one of my favorite tools is to show love to those weaker/imperfect parts. I’ve used this very successfully with my negative body image. I went from hating everything about my body to loving and accepting it. By showing love to my body in part and as a whole, I changed my own perspective from one of hate to one of love and acceptance.

This is what love does for us. If we take love and apply it to our weaknesses, we begin to accept them and to start to see the strengths that exist in and through those weaknesses.

How do you show love to a weakness? It’s sort of like the affirmation exercise I mentioned above. You may not believe it and it may not feel true, but tell yourself that you love that aspect of your personality, body, etc. Verbalize it, send it positive vibrations and energy, give it a hug. Do whatever you would do for someone else when they feel weak and alone.

I think this is another magic making exercise. At the very least you are going to be basking in love in ways you never thought possible!

Journal. There is something powerful about putting pen to paper. It is a great way to release yourself from a negative cycle. When I find myself wallowing in my weakness, I find that it helps to just sit down with my journal and write it out. I just let my frustration and anger and sadness all flow out of me onto the paper.

My only caveat to this though is that you need to set some limits. You can use a timer and allow yourself just 15 minutes to get it all out. Another good limit is to set a number of pages that you can fill. For example, two pages and you are done. I have found that if you don’t put some kind of limit on it, it is super easy to go down a rabbit hole and get lost in the negativity. THAT is not what we want here.

Our goal here is to release the hold the weakness has over us and create space for our strengths to shine. Generally, I feel better and stronger after I’ve done some journaling. I often get clarity as well and am better able to move forward with my day.

Now it’s your turn! Give one or all of these a try. See if you can start living in your strengths and letting them shine! I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Let me know how these work for you and if you have another tool that I can add to my own toolbox!

Sherry Parks is a Wellness Coach who helps career women escape feeling trapped and out of control in their work life, so that they are happy on their own terms and have joy and excitement for their life.

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