How to Embrace the SuperSoul Struggle and Love It

Because it’s important to allow yourself to be human.

Ah, the struggle to be the best version of yourself.

The SuperSoul you.

Go you!

We human beings care about our health. Mental, physical, spiritual.

We care about our actions. What we eat and how we exercise.

How we meditate and hold a yoga pose.

Am I doing it right? What does the latest research show is the best way?

We strive and sweat but can never fully control the outcome.

What if you get a cold and miss some workouts and eat tons of toast and chicken noodle soup?

What if your runny nose needs blowing mid-meditation?

Most of the time we will come up a tad short of our optimum SuperSoul goals.

What if we could give up some of the attachment? That our ‘everything’ health has to be a certain percentage better than last week.

Than your yoga neighbor.

What if you could just focus on giving that diet, that workout, that mantra, your all?

The outcome of that meal, that meditation, that workout, is just the outcome of that meal and that meditation and that workout.

Whatever it is.

Whatever works.

I don’t know what works.

I’ll just close my eyes tonight and think “So-hum.”


Microstep: Embrace the daily struggle to be the best version of yourself. Allow yourself to fall short. Love that you fell short. Love your humanness.

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