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How To Escape City Life

It’s another day at the office. Just like yesterday. Just like tomorrow. You can’t wait for vacation time only for a change of scenery. Escape from the monotony of work. Your vacation comes to an end, and it’s time to go back to work. You get to work and are greeted by a pile of work that went undone while you were away. It’s enough to make a person dread vacations. What if you could take a vacation every weekend?

Imagine open spaces, fresh air, and beautiful views. Enjoy a feeling of perpetual peace where the silence is only broken by the sounds of nature, birds chirping and a himmingbird springing by to get some great nectar off some fresh bee balm flowers nearby. Is it possible to enjoy a life of bliss?

It is. Escape to the beautiful mountain areas of Tennessee, North Carolina or Kentucky. Tennessee was and is my choice. Perhaps you will glimpse the areas wolves or a black bear? How about waking up to the deer passing by your property? If this sounds appealing so far, read on and discover the answer to your dreams.

I have the privilege to call this place home and you can too. From a weekend escape to year-round living. It is a great place to retire as well. You can live in the beauty of nature in a safe community with good neighbors. You could have a morning cup of coffee on your deck looking over the Tennessee mountains. Enjoy watching the morning mist rising upwards with only birdsong breaking the silence.

Perhaps you are the kind of person who enjoys having coffee with a neighbor. It is a friendly community and neighbors enjoy get-togethers. You will find what you seek here.

Any local of Tennessee will tell you that even from afar the mountains call to them. Their beauty is unlike any other. Living in the mountains is something most would like to do.

There is plenty to do here. Hiking is a popular pastime with several trails to explore. There are lakes and streams for residents to go fishing. When you leave the mountain, you will step into the quintessential small town. Here you can get a variety of good, quality food. Mennonites call the area home and sell fresh produce and organic milk. There is also a local bakery that has that old time charm you just don’t see much of anymore.

Just a little further down the road is the town center with most of the amenities you need. More shopping and dining is about 60 miles away from home. There is plenty of cultures here with Nashville just 90 miles away. Several festivals occur throughout the year. You won’t want for things to do around here. You should come out and explore the area, and perhaps we will be neighbors. I call Altamont my new home!




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