How to Fail, Suffer, and Die

While winning, experiencing pleasure, and living a life you love.

Viktor Frankl said, “There is no human being who may say that he has not failed, that he does not suffer, and that he will not die.”

We’re all human.

All connected.

All failing and winning.

All suffering and pleasuring.

All dying and living.

We are here on this blue ball floating through space for a tiny amount of time.

Make every moment a dance with life.

Everyone you meet a potential dance partner.

Make every moment another beat of the song.

The song of your purpose here.

Everything in life is a beautiful dance.

“Dance with your Doc,” I tell my patients.

Everyone’s a potential Dance Fever winner.

What a great way to dance through life.

Microstep: Dance with failure today. Dip it. Twirl with suffering. Realize how short this life is. Then fully allow for the possibility of winning, pleasure, and a life you love.

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