How to Find Time for Rest and Recovery Everyday

Find your pit stops.

Brooke Stone
Jan 8, 2017 · 4 min read

In professional car racing, a “pit stop” serves as a lightning fast break for both the driver and the vehicle to rest, recover and recharge for the next leg of the race. On your cross country road trip your pit stops serve the same purpose. In both cases the pit stop almost always includes a refueling of the vehicle, a moment for the driver to take a break from the intense focus of keeping the vehicle safely on the course, and a chance to do a systems inspection for anything that may have cropped up that will have a negative effect on the goal — to get to the finish line as quickly as possible.

If you think of your day as a race to the finish line, starting your engines when your alarm goes off in the morning and crossing the finish line when you close your eyes to sleep at night, how many pit stops, or opportunities to rest, recover and recharge are you giving yourself?

Chances are your answer is very few. Just as a race car that carries only enough fuel to get to the next pit stop can go faster because it’s not carrying the weight of excess fuel, you will go faster if you plan systematic points throughout your day to refuel yourself. It’s true that the team with a pit stop strategy at the top of a race is more likely to win, so give yourself a fighting chance to accomplish your goals and start 2017 with your own pit stop strategy in place and the discipline to see it through every time you start your engines.

Here are three pit stops to help you get started:

Pit stop #1: Errands

Pit stop #2: Commuting Time

Pit stop #3: Bathroom breaks

As you move through your day, be mindful of routine moments you can dedicate to rest and recovery. Most pit stops in professional racing are about 10 seconds long so encourage yourself to use that walk to and from the printer wisely. As nourishing as it is to find a bank of time to dedicate to rest and recovery in the form of a yoga class or long walk, it is equally nourishing, and likely more within reach, to embrace a pit stop strategy that will keep you supported all day long.

Photo by Isabell Winter/Unsplash

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