How to Focus, Have Presence, Embrace This Moment, & Be Here Now

There’s only one key step you’ll need to take.

Getting healthier takes intense focus.

Focusing on your diet.

Being here now with your food.

Overcoming your fear of failing when you try a new workout.

Staying in the moment during your uncomfortable yoga pose.

Being here now in your downward dawg.

Taking a chance on yourself.

Taking risks.

Stopping yourself on your phone.

Banning it at all costs.

Like even stop reading this right now.

You have to use this moment to your advantage.

Being here now with only yourself.

Power down the phone and move your body.

Have a screen-free day.

Have an olde-skool day.

Being here now with your innocence.

You know, you and your thoughts.

You and your mind.

You and your body.

Out in the world.

Being healthy.

Being here now.

Microstep: Power down. Slide to power off. Be innocent. Be pure. Be in the fresh air. Ban the phone. Ban the phone. Don’t forget to ban the phone.

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