How To Get A-Lister Help Without Paying A Dime

Ninja Mind Tricks To Becoming A Top Performer

What’s the best advice you got this year?

Mine was this,

Do things that make you uncomfortable.

I bet you cringed reading that (I cringed when I was told that). We get territorial around our comfort zones, especially when we freelance.

Think about the last time your friend asked you to do something new and you gave them excuses why you couldn’t go…even though you knew you would enjoy doing it!

We are wired to enjoy things we are familiar with. That’s why we eat the same foods even if they aren’t good for us, go to the same places even if we are bored with them, freelance the same ways even if they aren’t making us money, and rewatch shows we’ve know the endings to! We miss out on so much staying in our comfort zones.

What have you missed out on staying in your comfort zone?

Maybe you missed that awesome concert and feel like a loser every time your friend brings it up. Maybe you are unhappy with your body because you fear looking stupid at the gym. Maybe your online business in stuck in the same place it was a year ago because you were afraid to bet on yourself.

How much money was has not betting on yourself lost you? How much less freelance work did you lose this year not learning a new skill, adding another service, writing better proposals, or avoiding networking? I bet that number is pretty scary.

That’s all going to change. You are going to finally start betting on yourself, freelance like you want, take action, and becoming the online business owner you know you can be. How?

I am going to give you a system to accomplish everything you need. It will be so good that you will know before you start you are going to succeed.

Accomplish Everything Without Quitting Your Netflix Addiction

What would you go out and do if you knew before hand it was going to work? Would you:

*Finally Book Your Schedule Full
 *Be The Freelance Success You Want
 *Learn To Write Like A Bestseller
 *Pitch 5-Figure Contracts
 *Leave Your Job And Go Full Time Online
 *Become a Thought Leader and 10X Your Income

You can do all of this and more with the Expert Modeling Method.

The Expert Modeling Method

Before I was an online business owner I was a stage hypnotist. I didn’t have a pocket watch or a hypnotic spiral or even a sinister goatee (I know…worst hypnotist ever). What I did have was a library of mental mindsets I could use to accomplish anything I wanted. One of the methods in my mental library was modeling.

Modeling (also called mirroring) is when you imagine you are someone else and try to solve a problem or accomplish something from their perspective. This works because we are caught up in our own heads. We overlook easy solutions because of our mindset. Think about the gym example earlier. If you are afraid of going to the gym imagine you are your favorite athlete and ask yourself, ‘What would they do?’ They would get help! Athletes know results matter, not how they look on the path to getting those results. They’d ask for help, rely on their team, hire a coach, and more.

The Expert Modeling system takes the method to modeling to the next stage by picking a specific expert.

The Expert Experience

Getting specific is powerful. Picking someone you know to be an expert multiplies that power. When I get stuck writing a blog post or email I imagine I am Ramit Sethi. I love Ramit’s style and approach to writing. I ask myself what he would do. My knowledge of him (IE-my nerdy fandom) opens up ideas I would otherwise not have. Suddenly I see solutions or unique hooks and i’m back on track.

Create a list of experts you like and next time you are stuck imagine you are that expert. You can jump start your mind by reading your favorite post or watching your favorite video of them to get your mind started.

10X Your Growth With A Team Of Experts To Model

What if I told you that you are going to grow? Would you believe your days of worrying about small gigs, crappy clients trying to get free work, and struggling with the feast and famine cycle are going to come to an end? They are. You are going to build an online business you love that makes you money, real money to…not tiny spurts of cash every other week.

To do this I put on my bat suit and brought together a team of experts, a Justice League of 20+ 6-figure online business owners. I got them to answer your questions about freelancing, online business, and entrepreneurship.

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Originally published at on October 26, 2017.