How To Get Out Of A Rut

A natural and intuitive way to step out of your current rut and into what feels right and purposeful.

Even though the world is going at an ever faster speed, sometimes we can still feel stuck and stagnant. What keeps us at a standstill and unable to move forward? And how can we tap into our inspiration and the fire in our belly to take courageous action again?

You might be wanting tips and tricks to get your ‘groove’ back, but you won’t be hearing of these today. The reason for that is because this sensation of being in a rut has a lot to do with how we are experiencing life vs. the actual expression of doing things and getting things done. Let’s not try to slap on another practice or ‘tool’, only to forget about it later. There’s a natural and right way to come alive again, so keep reading on.

The real reason we’re stuck:

What is at the root of this stuckness? Most of us wake up everyday with a predefined schedule and checklist. Over time it becomes automatic, like we are simply going through the motions of what we should be doing each day.

We lose touch of the excitement we felt on the first day of the job. We forget how special our spouse was when we were tending a fresh love. We have become immune to what life actually is and forgot the magic in each moment.

The Missing Piece

You might be thinking: where’s the practical advice? What can I do with this information? Then let yourself this question: the to-do list before you, do you believe that you GET to these things or do they represent tasks that you MUST do? If the answer is that almost everything is driven by ‘have-to’ and ‘should’s, then it’s time to slow down.

Because it doesn’t matter if something exciting, new and fun is added to our list. We’ll see it as just another thing to check off. The missing piece here isn’t ‘inputting’ some magical activity or task that will make us come alive again. The answer that we’re looking for lies in how we experience ourselves and our lives.

Do you still remember that life is finite and that this day, as mundane as it seems, could be our last? And that each day that we ARE gifted with, WE are the creators to fill it with what we wish to have?

Tapping Into Your Natural Abundant Energy

These fundamental questions turns the whole experience of feeling stuck around. The moment we remember our aliveness, we are free to live again. To pursue things, because we remember how it feels to be given this special and rare chance to be alive at this time, as who we are.

You never needed new habits, practices or anything of that nature to go from being in a rut to taking on a new day’s adventure with renewed energy and vigor. All you needed was to remember what gift it is to be alive, and you’ll never wish to ‘waste’ it by repeating something that never felt right in the first place.

If you don’t believe me, then try it for yourself. Be filled with a great sense of gratitude for this life and the opportunity that each moment brings and notice how you react. For me, I can barely hold in the energy and expression. Because this is what being alive is all about. And the great thing is that you have it too.

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