How To Get Pass Your Past

Your Past event replays in your head time and time again. Instead of facing it head on you get full of guilt and shame everytime it comes into your head. What if you could finally get pass your past and start looking forward to your future.

Accept Your Past

Say Yes, that is my past and accept it for what it is. You can’t change the past but you can surely learn from it! Stop, denying your past happened and fully accept it.

Many nights I tossed and turn as I replied that one night from college that took me from #1 RB to #1 dumbass. That night led to me being kicked out of college and even till this day I have a hard time thinking about it. However, I do accept it and I have taken full responsibility for myself and my actions.

I used to tell myself this is a dream and that it never happened to me. I couldn’t believe it happened it to me and one day I broke down and finally stopped fight. Don’t wait to finally break down like me. Accept your past and admit it happened.

Vocalize Your Past

I went to my family and started to share my past. As I spoke about it more and more it became easier to accept and speak about. It started to get so easy I was able to share it with my church and strangers.

I talked about it so much I started to use it as leverage when I spoke to individuals that need encouragement.

Everytime you talk about your past and are transparent you are accepting it and make it real situation. Ones it becomes a real situation you are able to overcome it. You can’t overcome your past if you don’t believe it is real.

Use Your Past

I have closure from my past so daily I like to revisit those feelings and remember where I used to be. I remind myself no matter what happens in life I have been to the lost part of it already, so no matter what life throws at me I will be okay.

You can do the same thing. Take sometime and think about how in your past you were already at rock bottom and if you were able to survive that surely anything else life throws at you, you will overcome.

To close, take it one day at a time and ask God to help to you accept, vocalize, and use your past. God has helped many other people in the bible use their past like Joseph.

He was sold in slavery by his brother, put to jail for a crime he didn’t commit, so he would be able to save his family from famine years later. He accepted everything that happened to him and later was the victor from it!

Your past will be a testimony that will help others get healed and delivered. -Coach B

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