How To Get Your First Or Next Client

Start before you’re ready, then get ready to celebrate

Are you looking for your first or next client?

I’m a big believer in starting before you’re ready.

Usually, when my clients come to me, there are things they’re about doing in their businesses, but they’re holding themselves back, because they think they’re not yet ready.

Things like:

  • Getting visible on social media
  • Launching an offer
  • Reaching out to someone we’d love to have as a client
  • Following up with a warm lead

Instead, they procrastinate, justifying their delays with the story that they’re not ready because of some external thing they don’t yet have in their business, like:

  • A gorgeous website
  • A flourishing Facebook page
  • The perfect opt-in
  • An awesome funnel
  • Publication-worthy professional photos

We all have these hang-ups about something, but those hang-ups are NOT reasons you can’t be making money working with clients NOW, while you overcome them, not after you do.

Here’s how I overcame my own hang-up, so that you can see it’s possible for you, too:

One day, early in my business before I got my first client, I was on the phone with my own coach and she asked me, “Who in your life do you feel like you could help?”

I mentioned a name — the first one that came to my mind — and she said, “Well, that’s your first client. I want you to reach out to her and ask her if she wants to work with you.”

Whoa. Wait a minute. “I’m not ready!,” I said.

All my fears of rejection and of not providing value came rushing in.

She told me, “You’re ready, you can do this, and I want you to reach out.”

Gauntlet. Thrown.

I did, and guess what? That woman became my first paying client.

We worked together for several months and I provided her with a ton of value and direction and insight on changes and decisions she wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t gotten over my fear of “not being ready.” And, in exchange, she paid me!

If you’re telling yourself you’re not ready, I challenge you on that, RIGHT NOW.

You don’t have to have the perfect website, your own Facebook group, a huge mailing list, or professional pictures. What you DO need to have is:

1. A willingness to show up 
2. Someone in your life you think that you can help.

That is what it takes.

Where do you feel like you’re holding yourself back because you don’t feel ready? Or have you ever been in a spot where you didn’t feel ready and you did it anyway?

Reply and let me know in the comments!

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Christine McAlister is a business + success coach for high-achieving, motivated women. Her company, Life With Passion, helps them rediscover their unique gifts and create freedom-based businesses.