How to Give Dad a More Thoughtful Gift This Father’s Day

Can you believe it’s May already?! This year is flying by, and Father’s Day is rapidly approaching!

While many of us rush to the store and hope we hit gold by finding the perfect gift for Dad, many of us don’t put much more thought into it than that. I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been in this lazy routine for years, asking Dad exactly what he wants than going to the store to get it. How boring, and how devoid of thought.

This Father’s Day, I’ve decided it’s time to show my dad how much I care and appreciate him by doing something different! Read on for some unique and thoughtful gift ideas for Dad, he will be sure to cherish for many years to come!

5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Dad:

  • Give Him the Gift of Time. Remember when you were a kid and you didn’t have money so you had to do something special for dad instead, like mow the lawn for him or hand wash his car? How fun would it be to surprise Dad with that now!? Not to mention how fun it will be bringing back some memories and seeing the surprised look on Dad’s face when he notices you did some mundane housework for him! Give the gift of Time to Dad this year, by performing an act of service for him to show him just how much you love and appreciate him!
  • Honor Him. Take Dad out to Dinner or have him over to try one of his favorite dishes you’ve prepared for him. This is a simple task but one that goes a long way! (And all Dad’s love food!) Throw a bbq in his honor, or invite friends and family over to help celebrate him with a small (or big!) shindig to celebrate how awesome Dad is!
  • Create New Memories Together. Participate in one of Dad’s favorite hobbies with him! Treat him to a round of golf, an overnight camping trip, boating, fishing, or to a baseball game! Get out and spend some time with Dad doing what he loves most, while creating new memories you can smile and laugh about for years to come!
  • Take Him on an Adventure! Get Dad out of the house this Father’s Day and treat him to his adventurous side by taking him to see one of his favorite bands live, going to a comedy or improv club, or take dad skydiving! Build something together, try something new neither of you has done before, visit a local brewery, go on a hike, rent some motorcycles or an expensive sports car Dad has dreamed of driving! Get yourself and Dad out of the Typical Father’s Day routine, and plan something fun the two of you (or the whole family!) can do together!
  • Make Him Work for His Gift. What?! This one might surprise you a bit, but hear me out. Rather than wrap up that perfect gift and hand it over to him, make him find it! Devise a scavenger hunt around town and surprise him with goodies, treats, and or small gifts (like Men’s Jewelry) he can find at each destination to keep him interested and wanting more! You can also tie this into “taking him on adventures,” if you want to get him out and busy having fun all day (or weekend!) long! Get family and friends involved to help dad figure out the clues, as well as drive to the destinations! It will be a memorable Father’s Day Dad will never forget! Reward Dad at the end of the hunt with a grand prize! I love a beautiful Men’s Leather Bracelet that is not only timeless, masculine and fashionable but whenever Dad wears it and looks at it, he will think of the lovely memory attached to it that you created for him this Father’s Day!

Shopping for gifts for men (especially Dad!) can be daunting, but put a little thought into it, and create a memory around it and you’ll be sure to show Dad just how much you care about him and appreciate him this Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!