How To Grow Your Business When You Feel Too Busy

4 simple strategies to apply now

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Are you telling yourself you’re too busy to build your business?

I’ve got some clarity for you: this belief is a sneaky form of self-sabotage.

Just like the fear of success, stopping yourself because you’re too busy to build your business can hold you back — BIG TIME.

Whether you’re:

  • building your business as a side-hustle while working a 9–5
  • trying to balance your business while taking care of a family
  • juggling a lot of other responsibilities,

…then this is a very likely form of self-sabotage you might be dealing with, and it’s masquerading as practicality.

And you know what? You’re not alone!

Here are just a couple of comments from other high-achievers in my Facebook group about this topic:

“Even with my time dedicated to building my business, other things so easily get in the way!” — J

“My mantra over and over is I just need 26 hours in a day.” -K

But, here’s the truth: telling ourselves we don’t have enough time is NOT finding us more time…right?

So, you might be telling yourself something like:

“I’m too busy now, I’ll grow my business once the kids are in school/grown/when things slow down at work….”

“If I get more clients, I might be too busy to take care of myself/my family/my responsibilities….”

And so it feels safer to hide out.

I get it, I’ve been there, and I even experience it now.

As I write my book, I catch myself worrying about how its publication is going to increase my audience (and, potentially, the demands on my time), and many times I’ve encountered this inner story of resistance:

“I want to make sure I have time to serve my community, to be there for my family, to spend time with my horses…so I’ll procrastinate on writing the book.”

I share this so that you know that feeling like this is okay and normal. It doesn’t mean that success isn’t meant for you. In fact, it’s totally figureoutable!!!

Here’s how I deal with it and how you can deal with it too:

Recognize that almost every.single.thing in your business can be hired out.

The only things in your business you HAVE to do are show up for your community and work with your clients/customers. That’s it. Seriously. Everything else can be hired out, and even to someone who’s better than you at doing it.

Yes, in the beginning of your business, you may be doing everything yourself. That’s normal. You need to figure out what you like, and decide what you’re going to outsource first (those things that you hate, that drain your energy, or take too much time).

But as your business grows, instead of feeling MORE crunched with time, now you have the FREEDOM to hire out anything and everything that you don’t want to do, or that isn’t essential to be done by you.

If you’re telling yourself you’re too busy now, or you’re going to be too busy when you grow, that’s a form of self-sabotage and you’re keeping yourself stuck. You need clarity, and the ability to follow through on that clarity. It requires believing there’s a way for you to do this. The “too busy” thing is a STORY, and it’s a story that’s not serving you if you’re not where you want to be.

So start today with these 4 things:

1. Recognize that as you grow you can hire out everything except the few things that only you can do 
2. Let go of the constant beating yourself up for not having enough time and telling yourself it’s too hard
3. Start to believe that you have the ability to do this 
4. Choose a first step to take today

Maybe you follow up with someone you’ve been procrastinating on because you were thought they’d be a “yes” and you were secretly afraid of what would happen if you grew too much.

Maybe you reach out to ask for help that you’ve been thinking about getting for a while.

If you’re feeling totally overwhelmed, maybe what you do today is give yourself permission to take the day off without feeling guilty, in ORDER to grow your business, so that you can come back refreshed and 10x more active tomorrow.

Choose a first step, then reply and let me know what you’re going to do so that I can cheer you on!

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