How to improve your selling skills without being annoying

Honestly, who likes salespeople? I think there are not many people who like it when people knock on their door, except you’re a salesperson your own. At the same time, we want to sell books as an author. How to sell something without looking foolish? Here are three ideas:

1. Don`t see yourself as sales person, see yourself as coach

If you go out and ask people to buy something that you created than you`re really a sales person. You should focus on giving value first before asking for a favor. If your aim is really help people than you should give content and instruction on the first place before try to sell something. For example: I am an editor, author and love to write. So, I also want to help other author`s to reach their potential and improve their impact. I`m writing about marketing, selling and promotion skills, so that other author`s learn these skill even faster than I did. This should always your focus. Helping other people and creating content; if your content really helps other people than they will come to you again.

2. Create real valuable content that helps other people

This is just to emphasize the point that I already mentioned: you have to create a lot of free content that really helps people. Create articles, videos and also whitepapers that tackle the main problems of your audience. What are their problems? I organized a survey ( and asked more than 70 author`s about their main problems and difficulties as author; there were three main problems: publishing, marketing and selling. So, I organized a workshop (Author-preneur- how to self-publish, market and sell your own book) about these topics and also wrote articles about it. You have to do the same. What is the main problem of your audience and how can you solve it? You should be able to answer these questions.

3. Learn from best-practice and work on your skills

There are author`s out there that are really good at marketing like Paulo Coelho or also J.K. Rowling. Choose one of your favorite author`s and follow them over time. What are they posting? What are they writing in their newsletter? What are they speaking about in their interviews? In the case of Paulo Coelho, one thing is clear: he is a diligent student! He works with online marketers like Brendon Burchard in order to increase his sales. In my opinion, Paulo is a great role model when it comes to self-development and so should you, too. It will definitely help you to become a more successful author.

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Ceyhun Yakup Özkardes is the creator of the online course Author-preneur — How to publish, market and sell your own book where he teaches marketing and selling strategies for authors.