How to Manage the Bad Days and Stay on Track

  • Avoiding writing that email, blog post or text message you’ve been meaning to write
  • Cancelling social arrangements in favour of staying in
  • Straying from your nutrition plan because you can’t be ‘bothered’ to cook your food
  1. Educate yourself
  2. Prepare in advance

Set clear, defined goals

Clarity is a wonderful thing.

  1. Having no meaningful way of measuring progress and becoming demotivated

How do you set smart goals?

Goal setting, specifically smart goal setting doesn’t need to be difficult it just has to be done.

  • Breaking your long-term goal into mid-term goals
  • Creating short-term goals to achieve your mid-term goals

Educate yourself

I can’t stress this enough.

How can you learn more?

Education comes in many forms and you’ll need to find out what works best for you in your given situation and then set aside some time specifically for the purpose of learning.

“The man who thinks he knows the most actually knows the least.” — Anonymous

I urge you to always continue learning. There is nothing more powerful that investing in your own future and if that’s not enough to persuade you then remember that having a solid understanding of the methodology will allow you to embrace what needs to be done, get your head down, grit your teeth and power through the hard times.

Prepare in advance

Let me ask you something:

  • Would you take a holiday without booking flights, finding somewhere to stay and having at least a rough plan in place?
  • Would you try and go to one of the most popular restaurants in your area on a Saturday night without making a booking?

Prioritising tasks

Do you ever notice that just through the act of writing something down or setting a reminder, you actually remember it more easily? This is the effect we want to capitalise on here, we want to bring things to forefront on the mind so we can evaluate them and decide what is important.

Building habits

Habits are so important to long-term success.

Creating routines

Routines are very closely linked to habit, in fact they quite often directly feed into one another, with the habit reinforcing the routine.

Takeaway point

Throughout your journey to your goal, you’ll come to realise that there will be inspiring highs and crushing lows.

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