How To Make 2018 Better Already

Things are intense astrologically, and you may have heard that Mercury is Retrograde, which scares the crap out of some people. It can cause technology issues and communications between people can seem upside down. Misunderstandings can happen. It is so big for some people, they won’t even sign a contact during that time. It’s over on the 23rd so you are good heading into 2018. The holiday season can be a joyful and happy time or an overwhelming and chaotic for others. This year has been intense with the politics, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and the #metoo movement. But all that aside, I want you to have the best 2018 ever and one way to use Mercury during it’s retrograde period is to clean up loose ends, finish projects, and you can look back on the past to see what you need to heal. Get your journal out. Try this out if you want to change or want some area of your life to change. Do this exercise even if you don’t believe astrology has any effect on your life, because any personal development, self-help, or work you do on yourself is ALWAYS a good idea.

Write a love letter to:

1. Your 2017 Self so far.
2. 2017 itself.
3. Right now.
4. Your 2018 Self.
5. 2018 itself.

It’s all energy. You will gain a-ha’s, awareness, intuition, and many gifts by tapping into both the past and the future while staying aligned and present in the NOW.

Do not fret and make this complicated. Just journal a flow from 2–3 sentences all the way to a page long for each one. Everyone is different.

For the past, the point is to see what you need to let go of, release, and forgive so you do not bring any shame, blame, guilt, fear, doubt, or limiting beliefs forward into the future. See the positive of your year and have gratitude for the lessons learned and the love and joy had.

Right now even if you are stressed, take a deep breath and write: “Dear Now, Thank you for my breath. I am happy to be alive in this body…” List even gratitude, appreciation, like, love, enjoyment of right now in your life.

Into the future, bless it, send love & light, prayers, good wishes, high vibes, goals, intentions, things you are excited about. Think about a clean slate on which to create. Instead of a “bucket” list, think “Bliss” list. What would bring you bliss?

What experiences would you like to have? Even ask: “How much fun can I have in 2018? What would bring me joy that I have not even thought of? How magical can my life feel? How many miracles can I see manifested easily in my life?”

Have fun with this. Play. This is self-care just like bubble baths are. Very important to nourish your body, mind, and soul. Mindset work and centered energy will make next year different. Look within. There is so much there.

Have a wonderful and magical 2018!

Wishing you a fired-up life, 
Jenny G. Perry
Goddess Life Coach

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