How to Make the Most of 2018

Wisdom principles for overcoming barriers, breaking cycles and living a more fulfilled life in 2018.

Well, let me start by saying Happy New Year! You made it to a new year and you have been blessed with the incredible gift of a fresh start. Oftentimes we say that with the purest of intentions. However, most people do not know how to let go of the old in order to embrace the new. I have been there in my own life as well. We bring excitement and adrenaline into a new year. However, we often fail to bring the disciplines and mindsets that will produce an uncommon life. I want to share a few strategies with you to help make 2018 the greatest year of your life. Most importantly, I want you to know that success or failure begins with you.

  1. You must be willing to detach from the old. I know you are aware that it is a new year. However, I am wondering if you have truly aligned for a new season in your life. It is not enough to change the calendar if you do not change the core. The core is the foundation of who you are as an individual. It is the central command station of your life. All change begins with your core. In essence, your core is your heart and you cannot betray your heart. We say a lot of things with our mouths but we do not mean them from our hearts. When you engage your heart you are empowered to manifest your highest existence. This year be willing to let go of old mindsets and old methodologies. Be willing to detach from everything that does not move you closer to the life of your dreams. What you are willing to abandon will often determine what you access. This year do more than get excited about a new calendar. Engage in the process of changing your life.
  2. You must decide what you really want. Honestly, this strategy alone shifted my entire life. For a long time I only communicated what I did not want in my life. Truthfully, you have probably done the same thing because too often we spend our entire lives complaining. One day I realized that complaining was not changing my life. I could focus on all the negative aspects of my life but that would not produce a positive outcome. Therefore, I made a decision that I would determine what I really wanted. It sounds easy but you would be surprised how many people do not know what they really want. It is important that you define what you really want because it is foundational to your success. You cannot attract into your life what you are not aware that you want. Essentially, what you are seeking is seeking you. What is it that you really want? Is it happiness? Is it fulfillment? Is it adventure? Is it meaning? This year I want you to identify what that thing is in your life. Then I want you to create a plan for how to attract more of it into your life. The clearer your intentions the greater your reality.
  3. You must become a doer in 2018. Everything I have shared with you is important. However, if you never take action then it is all a waste of time. You have to stop dreaming about a better life and start doing the things that will produce a better life. Action is the bridge that moves you from hope to manifestation. Sadly, most people spend a lifetime living in the realm of hope. We wish and pray but we never work and pursue the life that we really want. I meet people all the time that are resentful and bitter. Ultimately, they are bitter because they are not brave enough to pursue a better life. Most people are afraid to go after what they really want. Your dreams were never designed to simply live in your imagination. Your dreams are to be cultivated and turned into powerful intentions. When you bridge the gap between imagination and intention you start living a life of infinite possibilities. When you take action you stop playing small and you start living a bigger life. So create your vision board and write your goals in your journal. However, after you are done fantasizing you need to move into dream fulfillment.
  4. You must be dedicated to your greatest life. Action is a powerful force in manifesting your dreams. However, action must be coupled with dedication if you want to realize your dreams and maximize your greatest potential. Action will get you started but dedication will keep you going. Dedication develops the resolve within us to see our dreams realized. Furthermore, dedication gives us the energy we need to see our aspirations actualized. Uncommon commitments produce uncommon results. The reason most people break their resolutions is because they are not committed. When you desire something you can walk away from it. However, when you are dedicated to something you cannot walk away from it. The price of mastery is high and few men will ever make the investment. 2018 can be the greatest year of your life but it will take dedication. Your approach will determine your advancement in 2018!