How To Make Your Single Years Some Of The Best Years Of Your Life

An interview with Social Media Influencer Sopha Rush.

Sopha Rush : PC Sopha Rush

Sopha Rush is a hustler and g0-getter. Rush acquired over $ 90,000 dollars in scholarships/grants and was the first in her family to receive a college degree. Rush is currently inspiring thousands of women with her Instagram, Youtube and Blog . Rush emphasizes the fact that it’s most important to have a relationship with God before starting one with a man. Her life is a testament of God’s faithfulness as she served God diligently before meeting her husband, Anthony Rush, in college. Currently, Rush works with foster children in St. Joe’s Children’s Home in Louisville, Kentucky.

Habiba Abudu (HA) : You often discuss your prolonged singleness in order to marry the person God has for you. Why was that important to you and what kept you focused during that season of your life ?

Sopha Rush (SR) : During my season of singleness, I promised myself that I would not jump into a relationship with just anyone. Trying to force something that God didn’t put together. I knew I wanted my next relationship to be my last so I was in no rush to start dating. After my last relationship (before meeting Anthony), I wanted to make sure that my relationship with God, was not put on the “back-burner”. I wanted to make sure I was confident in who I was in Christ. If my relationship with God was not right, how would He honour me and my desires ? I had to get my priorities straight which is what I did during my singleness and I don’t regret the wait one bit.

HA : On your social media feed you emphasize self — love. Were you always assured of yourself and what has helped you become confident in yourself ?

SR : Yes, I speak highly of self love. If you don’t fully love yourself, how do you expect to know what you truly deserve? Was I always assured of myself? No, not at all. That’s the beauty of the journey. Discovering who you are and learning more about yourself. What helped me become more confident in myself was understanding where my worth comes from. Knowing God’s truth about who I am, made me love myself (as a daughter of His). For He sees me as royalty and because of that, I am confident in who I am.

Sopha Rush. PC : Sopha Rush

HA : What are some things you wish you knew, now that you are married ?

SR : Well, this is a funny question to me. I don’t really think you can ever be prepared for marriage. It’s all a learning process. Before marriage, we both attended pre-marriage counselling. (Despite attending counselling) we still had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. It’s a beautiful thing, being married, but it’s requires work, effort, and commitment. It takes two to make a marriage successful. Of course, we are human so we fail and disappoint each other at times. But, we forgive each other. A lot of grace and patience keeps us sane. I don’t wish I would have known anything before I got married, because we both have learned so much along the way…just growing together every day.

Sopha with her husband Anthony Rush. PC : Sopha Rush

HA : Has being multi-raced ever been a source of discomfort for you ? How do you embrace both cultures ?

SR : Yes, I am indeed bi-racial. I like to think of myself as a melting pot. My mom is half Cambodian, half Thai. My dad is black and white. When I was in high school, I experienced discomfort in embracing my differences. I attended a predominately white school so there weren’t a lot of people that looked like me. I tried to mask a lot of who I was because I had no one to show me that being different was okay. It wasn’t until college that I learned how to truly love myself. After I embraced my uniqueness, I was so in love with the way God made me. I stopped trying to be like everyone else. I loved me for me! Of course, it’s a continual process of learning new ways to love myself.

HA : What are some long-term goals that you have for yourself ?

SR : I have so many long-term goals I would love to accomplish! A few include : starting a family with my husband, becoming debt free by 2018 and buying our first home together. I am currently working on a book that I would love to get published in the next year. Also, being able to travel with my husband to a new country. I would love to become an entrepreneur by the age of 30. These are just a few of my goals, I have so many.

HA : Why was purity important to you ? How did you and your spouse maintain a high standard of purity ?

SR : My purity was important to me because I made a vow between God and I, that I wanted to save myself for marriage. I wanted to give a gift that was only for my husband. Purity was important to him, because he knew how much it meant to me. My husband wasn’t a virgin when we met, but because he respected me, he waited 3.5 years until we got married. He protected me and loved me enough to wait — that spoke volumes to me. In order to keep a high standard of purity, we had to set boundaries and keep in the forefront of our minds that the end goal was marriage. We had to stop kissing (tragic I know) and set limits on how late we could see each other. It was so hard, but man, was it worth it. He was worth it.

Sopha and Anthony Rush donning their wedding rings. PC : Sopha Rush

Originally published at on May 17, 2017.

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