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How to Snap Out of a Mental Funk

Using Three Mindset Tools From An Expert

“Rule you mind or it will rule you. — Jim Rohn

I used to be the queen of mental funks. I am still not sure if it was my all-too-creative-and-never-stops-thinking mind or just that I used to struggle with anxiety and depression, but let’s just say I funk well.

When I started to do the deep inner work, I found that my funks weren’t as harmless as I once had thought. What was a momentary feeling would sometimes turn into a downward spiraling argument in my head that I never won.

Like many people, I grew to understand my funk and knew it well.

The most difficult thing was changing it, and more importantly, stopping it from taking over whenever it wanted to. So I dug even deeper and found the three core areas of our mindsets that help us get out of that funk almost instantly (once practiced enough).

It’s not an overnight process. Most of the thought processes we have today were developed when we were kids. Others, later on in life through lessons learned, pain and tests.

But it’s never too late to change your way of thinking, believing and behaving, so you can change the results in your life.

Here are my three go-to mindset tricks for getting out of a mental funk:

1) Recognize that you are not thinking, feeling or acting the way you really want to.

Even if you find comfort in that funk for whatever reason, you know inside that it’s not how you want to act, feel or be.

You know better than anyone what’s going on inside. Don’t just ignore it for minutes, hours, days.

Elevate your self awareness.

Recognize it. Own it so you can work through it. This is how you truly raise your vibe and create a new reality.

2) Change your state by doing something radically different.

Knowing what’s wrong with us and why is old news. The hard part is deciding to change it. Deciding to get uncomfortable and do whatever it takes to not be like that.

Decide to get out of the house, go for a drive, crank up some music, go for a run, get some sexy time, etc.

Knowing that you’re in a funk and/or why isn’t enough. You have to change your physiology to break the thought patterns, and change physical impact of what those thoughts and beliefs are doing (negatively).

3) Pay attention to the thought patterns that got you there, and re-wire your thinking frequently and consistently.

Sure, maybe something happened that triggered it, but it was still a choice to let yourself enter into and stay in the funk.

What stories am I telling myself to feel this way?

What thoughts am I soaking in to keep me feeling this way?

What BOGUS thoughts am I believing?

Don’t use your words lightly. Your thoughts either. Whatever you feel transfers into what you think, believe and do.

Vanessa Rende is a Wife, Mom of Boys, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Writer at Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected.